Katy Perry Teases A Gorgeous Music Video For "Unconditionally"

So far, "Unconditionally" is my most-repeated Prism track, and, one of Katy Perry's most palatable songs yet, I think. You can then imagine how much excitement I have for the accompanying music video, the second to come from Katy's fourth album. Judging from the teaser, the music video for "Unconditionally" should be as gorgeous and piercing as the song itself. 

Unless you were hoping for less animal wrangling than was found in the video for "Roar," that is. 

"This video is different than the other ones, because the other ones have very strong narratives or storylines, and I wanted to go a different route, one that was based on beauty and glamour and gorgeous shots," Katy said at the recent MTV EMAs. "There’s a little less of a storyline, but there is one part in the music video where I get hit by a car, because it’s a metaphor to talk about when love finds you, it’s kind of being like hit by a car”