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Katy Perry Walks Like An Egyptian In Eye-Candy Of A Music Video For "Dark Horse"

We've come to expect vibrant, over-the-top/bottom/versatile music videos from Katy Perry, and the anachronistic Egyptian-themed "Dark Horse" doesn't disappoint. 

Featuring bedazzled hair, Avatar-ready hunky guards, Flaming Hot Cheetos™​, a studly suitor/lapdog hybrid and supernatural powers worthy of Ryan Murphy, Katy's new music video might be best appreciated in places like Colorado or Washington. 

But even if you don't live in either of those states, "Dark Horse" is three minutes of pop-visual eye-candy that you won't want to end. Don't change, Katy!

What do you think, Instincters? Heart or hate it?





supernatural powers worthy of Ryan Murphy lol

Love,LOve, LOVE!!!!! Katy perry, can't wait to go see her, her videos always entertain, as does this one, AWESOME!!!

I liked the Asian theme better

ARTPOP is a flop and the worst album of pop music. 

Very colorful and it.

Dark Horse will probably stay at #1 for at least 5 weeks on Billboard Hot 100.

Let's be honest here, Katy Perry is not trying hard and pretentious like Lady Gaga.

She doesn't scream "art" to stay relevant. Now I understand why Katy is the darling of USA. 


Katy Perry gets her inspiration from Cleopatra but Lady Gaga gets her inspiration from goose. Huge difference...

I love this song. Best work yet KP. but the video,not so much. I agree with Drew. I think the concept of the Egyptian era is great. But it should have been a little darker and not so vibrant and colorful. But the song is still firce as hell. This beat is phenomenal.

Amazing video, Katy RAWRRS Pop

Lady who ????

I don't just like it, I love it.  It has this vibe that reminds me of her "California Gurlz" era.

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