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KC Sportscaster Calls KU "Gayhawks" On Live TV

Famous Kansas City sports commentator Jack Harry is denying video evidence that he made a gay joke on live TV over the weekend. During a report on Missouri rivals the KU Jayhawks, Harry can be clearly heard trying to get  a jab in at the the college team by calling them "Gayhawks."



When his anti-gay joke wasn't received as warmly as planned, Harry pivoted and released a video message to claim that he didn't actually say "Gayhawks."



What do you make of the gaffe, Instincters?



He must think we are deaf as well  as stupid !

Where is your integrity? You CLEARLY referred to the team as the "Gayhawks." Even when faced with the evidence, you lack the moral fortitude to admit to your despicable behavior. Shame on you.

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