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Kellan Lutz's 'The Legend Of Hercules' Debuts First Trailer

We've got our first full length trailer of The Legend Of Hercules and Kellan Lutz is looking suitably god-like! (Well, half-god-like if we're sticking with mythology.) 

Check out all the pretty. Whether or not you choose to watch it on mute is entirely up to you.

How's it look, Instincters?


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No offense Kellen Lutz, but he does not resemble to depictions of Hercules in anyway. Looks like Hollywood douche baggery

Yawn..meh!  Thor, 300, seen one overproduced, over special effected 'classic','ve seen 'em all. Made for 10 to 25 year old gamers with the attention span of a over bred Chihuahua on a double espresso. The ancient epic story needs very little Hollywood over the top effects to be a real EPIC!

Yawn...meh!  You've read one douchey internet hater comment, you've read'em all.

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