Kellyanne Conway Interrupts Interview To Say Hi To A Squirrel

Well this is a nice bit of comic relief.

We can't say we're fans of Kellyanne Conway, but we can appreciate this funny moment nevertheless.

Apparently, during a recent CNN interview, the Counselor to the President paused to say hello to a squirrel.

She said:

"God, I hope that’s a squirrel and not a rat.”

Pausing to laugh, she continued:

"Um, I was, yeah. Hi, squirrel. I was, uh, it’s better than the lawnmower that’s always back there.”



The replies on Twitter were pretty funny, too.









More from EW:

It certainly distracted viewers from what they were talking about, which was about reports of the Trump campaign’s analytics company reaching out to WikiLeaks to help secure Clinton’s emails. “The first I learned of that was this week,” Conway said, before going on the offensive when anchor Alisyn Camerota asked if she’d be comfortable with the Trump campaign doing that.