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Ken Cuccinelli Launches Website To Return Anti-Sodomy Laws To Virginia

Ken Cuccinelli's push to become the governor of Virginia has thrust the AG's backward views on human sexuality into the spotlight, views that he promises will become law should he be voted into the governor's office. Ahead of the vote, Ken has kickstarted a new media campaign to lay the groundwork for a return to archaic anti-gay laws in Virginia. 

The Daily Beast reports:

If you vote Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia governor, he’ll keep your children safe from sexual predators by making all oral and anal sex—between everyone, even married couples—a felony that carries a sentence of a year in prison. The state’s attorney general and Republican nominee for governor recently announced a campaign pledge to reinstate a Crimes Against Nature law, which has already been deemed unconstitutional by federal courts. This week, the campaign launched a website that presents the law banning sodomy as the only “anti-child-predators law,” which it’s not, and says that it “is only applied to sodomy committed against minors, against non-consenting adults, or in public,” when that’s actually not the case. 

It’s not like Cuccinelli doesn’t realize that this law criminalizes the behavior of consenting adults as well as sexual predators; he’s the reason the provision including consensual oral and anal sex between grown people wasn’t removed to make the law constitutional in the first place. Cuccinelli’s explanation for opposing a version of the Crimes Against Nature law that focused on public sex, prostitution, and other nonconsensual acts? “My view is that homosexual acts, not homosexuality, but homosexual acts are wrong. They’re intrinsically wrong,” he said in 2009. “And I think in a natural-law-based country, it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that … They don’t comport with natural law.”



I bet Ken Cuccinelli enjoys oral and anal himself. So, is he going to have himself arrested wen he gets caught committing sodomy?

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