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Kent State Wrestler Suspended Indefinitely For Calling Gay Footballer Michael Sam "Fag" On Twitter

What is the price one pays for being a blatant homophobe? In the case of 20-year old Kent State wrestler Sam Wheeler, the price might just be your promising collegiate athletic career. 

Wheeler was apparently so outraged by coverage of the NFL's probable first gay player Michael Sam that he could no longer watch ESPN's SportsCenter. And, being 2014, he had to tell everyone on Twitter know, obviously. “I can’t even watch Sports Center today cause all they are talking about is Marcus Smart or that fag from Mizzou," Wheeler tweeted. 

He continued being a douchebag even as the upset replies started to flow in. “O geez I got all these fag boys mad at me now," he wrote at one point. 

The tweets and Wheeler's account have since been deleted, but because this is the Internet, their notoriety has lived on long enough to see the player denounced and suspended. 

“As an alum of Kent State University and as Sam’s head coach, I was surprised and offended by what I read on Twitter,” Kent State Head Wrestling Coach Jim Andrassy said. “I have spoken to Sam personally, and while he is remorseful, he will be suspended indefinitely while we determine the best course of action moving forward.”

“On behalf of Kent State University, we consider these comments to be ignorant and not indicative of the beliefs held by our university community as a whole," said Kent State Director of Athletics Joel Nielson. "This is an educational opportunity for all of our student-athletes.”

Wheeler himself has not yet spoken about or apologized for the incident. 


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Sam Wheeler is an athlete in one of the most homoerotic sports ever, and perhaps he has some problem with it when he realizes his balls and dick are all in the reach of his opponents. Or, perhaps he realized how many times they touched his dick and balls and how he felt something growing hard between his own legs? 


Sam Wheeler? Another victim of the whole homophobe issue. He expressed an opinion that was impressed upon him from childhood. It is too bad that he wasn't mature enough to think for himself and realize that. My,my, my. All I can say is Poor Boy. 

To add I think its the Sexiest sport. I love those One Piece Spandex suits they wear super Hot

I think Wrestling is the Gayest Sport. I've seen the Photos one of the gay magazine websites posted some of the men even had erections. 

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Thanks for pointing out the SEC mistake, guys. Fixed. 

Hilarious. A wrestler of all things calling someone a fag.. Priceless

who is homophobe mostly is suppressing he's gay side......

A wrestler calling someone else a fag? Haha. I guess he didnt get the memo that wrestling is almost as gay as ice skating! No offense intended to the 'straight' ice skaters out there ( if there are any)

Stupid child.

Stupid child.

"The tweets and Wheeler's account have since been deleted, but because this is the Internet, their notoriety has lived on long enough to have the SEC Defensive Player of the Year denounced and suspended. " 

Michael Sam is the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, not Wheeler.

GEEZZZZZZZZZ.... Wheeler is the one being denounced and suspended, he is not the SEC defensive player of the year.. that would be the courageous young man Michael Sam.   Sam Wheeler is a wrestler at Kent State, not even remotely part of the SEC.  You might want to correct your column since Wheeler is the one being denounced and suspended.

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