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Kentucky Churches Withhold $7 Million From Children's Charity To Force Anti-Gay Policy

Now that ain't Christian. 

Kentucky churches held back $7 million in donations to Sunrise Children's Services after the organization proposed ending its discriminatory policy against LGBT employees. The proposal was made due to fears that discriminatory policies could result in the children's charity losing its government funding, which makes up 85 percent of its budget. 

Unfortunately Kentucky churches, led by the Kentucky Baptist Convention, didn't take kindly to the children's charity acting Christ-like and they withheld donations leaving the church in a $7 million budget shortfall. 

This was the case even after Sunrise Children's Services decided NOT to remove their discriminatory policy against LGBT employees and the organization's director Bill Smithwick resigned. 

The Kentucky Baptist Convention has now begun efforts to raise funds for the charity now that Sunrise has fallen in line. 

“Now that our churches have confidence in the leadership of Sunrise and the direction of Sunrise, we’ll give them the opportunity to re-invest in this ministry to children,” Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Paul Chitwood told WDRB.

It's too bad Kentucky Baptist Convention's support now puts the charity at risk of losing the vast majority of its $27 million budget as contributed by government funding. 

Thanks for thinking about the children, guys!


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As a child I resided at one of the facilities operated by, then Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children, Sunrise Services. I can say unequivocally there was never a more loving, supportive, compassionate, and giving place for a troubled young man as myself! There were gay staff members then who were as integral a part of the staff as anyone, and nobody cared who they happened to love. As a gay MAN I'm grateful for the love I got from KBHC and saddened that other children won't because if unnecessary discriminatory policies - the children lose because of hatred espoused by "Christians" who have forgotten what it means to Christ-like!!!

destroy all organized religion its a hatred that the world can do without 


What do you expect from Baptists. A religion that has a long history of being morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Isn't it ironic that the phrase "think about the Children" are always used as arguments for LGBT rights - from US, Russia to Uganda.  What hypocrites!  These are not Christians or if they are - I am sure Jesus will renounce them for all their hate.

No wonder it's easy for priests to rape kids, because no matter the religion, all children are treated as disposable pawns.

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