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Kids Of Gay Parents Speak Out!

Sure, it's starting to warm up around the country, but nothing has thawed our eternal-winter of a black heart better than this video of adorable children who happen to have same-sex parents. 

Do these kids seem any different to you than their peers who happen to have opposite-sex parents?


My guy and I don't have children, but if we did I would not be using them as props. I would insist they be outside riding their bicycles and letting the grown-ups worry about the gay stuff. This is sad, using your child in this manner.

Maybe you're right, but if my bf and I had a kid I'm pretty sure they would be proud enough to decide to do this, even if I didn't want to

I love this.  I am a father & I think I'm pretty good.  I don't really think of myself as a "gay parent".  I'm a parent that happens to be gay.  My daughter & I have had some very frank conversations about sexuality, sex, relationships, empathy, understanding, human rights & love amongst other things (maybe we talk too much?).  She is really proud of her family & I think she feels like it makes her a little special.  She has started a gay rights group at school & is currently planning a bake sale to raise money for The Trevor Project.  I came out when she was 4.  She's 13 now, so she doesn't really remember anything different.  All parents doubt themselves & wonder if they are doing a good enough job, but I do feel like gay people often feel unworthy of being parents & decide to avoid even thinking about it.  Some people (gay & straight) feel like they are too selfish to be a parent, but I would say that becoming a parent is the most selfish thing I ever did, as nothing else has ever given me so much happiness & purpose as loving & raising this kid.  I highly recommend it to selfish people everywhere.  I truly believe that gay people are as equipped, if not more equipped than straight people to be amazing parents.  We deserve it.  So do the kids we get to raise.  Lucky little effers.

That video is over a year old

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