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Kids React To Same-Sex Marriage Proposals

The Fine Bros., the filmmakers behind the "Kids React" series showcased twelve kids ranging between the ages of 5 and 13-years-old reacting to two same-sex marriage proposals. (Both of those viral proposals were previously featured here on Instinct--the Home Depot proposal and the lesbian on top of a bus!)

So how did these kids react? Take a look!

The Fine Brothers explain:

We spoke with 13 kids ages 5-13, presenting them with 2 viral videos of same sex marriage proposals, and then had a very frank and honest conversation to get their thoughts about it all. As you will see there is a mixture of negativity, confusion and support from our panel, with a running theme of not understanding why inequality continues to exist in our world, and that equal rights is very important.

It's a thought provoking episode that will stir controversy, but we believe it's important to have these types of conversations openly, and hope we captured a moment in time that showed what the state of this issue was in our society in 2013.

Sure the reactions were varied, with some kids originally seeming more shocked and surprised than others, but overall we think these kids are providing us with a lot of hope for their generation. 

What did you think of their reactions, Instincters?


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I foresee a future with these children and more like them as adults; as a more warmer and excepting society and I look forward to experiencing that era, if I'm able.

I love the kid who's like, "are they gay?" and the guy was like, "yeah." and the kid was like, "oh." and the world didn't crash and burn! This proves that hatred is taught. love is love no matter what.

Its great that they are getting these kids thoughts.  Hate is learned.  I love how the kids bring up segregation being illegal and wrong as a comparison.

Pretty sure there are mixed reactions in this video; therefore, obviously not a set up.

Passing any kind of belief to a child, whether it is religious, political, or otherwise is promoting an agenda.

Why must we always ostracize a group of people? Another person's sexual orientation has literally zero effect on your life.

Like the darling red head said: "build a bridge and get over it"

Amazing. I think it is important to know what young ages think because they are the future. It is very very important as well to talk about this highly controversial topic. People may deny it. But this is slavery and women's inequality all over again. It just different players but the same game and this has to stop. We are all equal. Thanks guys 




Umm.... Have you tried watching the video, or reading the introduction? Not only was it clearly stated that this video was made to show the kids opinions to show where the area stood, the video also displayed more than just approval, there was also shock and disapproval from a couple of the children. 
And, if the children were used to support an agenda, so what? The children weren't deceived, they weren't told what to say. They were asked their opinions. Since when is allowing them to be heard the same thing as using them?

See above comments.

Also: Typing in all caps doesn't do anything to help achieve your point.

It does; however, make you look like a jerk on a rant.

I'd express more of my opinion but I'd hate to make you feel like I'm promoting my own agenda. Oh wait. .....

Let those without sin cast the first stone. 

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