Kim Cattrall DESTROYS Enemy SJP, Calls Her 'Cruel'!

Tell us how you really feel Kim Cattrall. Oh, you intensely hate Sarah Jessica Parker? Gotchya! While on Sex and the City Kim Cattrall's character Samantha was always open for business, in real life Cattrall is completely closed to having any sort of reconciliation with her friend turned frenemy turned enemy, Parker. Cattrall recently took to Instagram to share some moving words regarding the tragic loss of her brother this past weekend at the age of fifty-five:

I would like to thank my friends, and #SexandtheCity colleagues for the outpouring of support for myself and family over the past 72 hours.  

Parker disregarded the feud between the two that came to a boiling point leading up to the stalled SATC 3 movie, and offered her condolences with an Instagram comment alongside her fellow SATC alum:

But Cattrall wasn't having it, and in dramatic fashion posted an entire Instagram pic fuming over Parker's words:


Yikes! It sounds like at this point any sort of continued friendship between Kim and Sarah is impossible, which mercifully means we probably won't have to see a third Sex and the City movie. I'll just watch Golden Girls reruns if I want that experience. What do you guys think? Is Cattrall being a contrarian or does Parker need to park her butt down and take a hint? And if you're under twenty-five, do you even know who these two women are? Let us know in the comments!