Kim Davis Breaks The Law Again

Kentucky Attorney General is reporting that anti-gay activist Kim Davis has broken the law again by failing to turnover documents. 

The Herald-Leader reports:

The attorney general’s office asked Liberty Counsel in May for permission to privately review the documents so it could decide whether the exemptions cited are relevant. However, Liberty Counsel refused to produce most of the documents even for a private review, violating the Open Records Act, the attorney general’s office said.

“An agency cannot benefit from intentionally frustrating the attorney general’s review of an open records request. Such result would subvert the General Assembly’s intent behind providing review by the attorney general,” Assistant Attorney General Matt Jones wrote in the office’s opinion.

Davis and Liberty Counsel can appeal the attorney general’s decision by suing in circuit court. Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said Tuesday that the group has not decided whether to challenge the ruling. However, Liberty Counsel has provided its services for free, charging nothing to Davis or Rowan County, Staver said.

“There’s nothing to reveal here,” Staver said.

Seeing how Kentucky rolled over to compromise with Kim Davis on leaving clerks' names off of marriage certificates, we don't have much faith they'll take control back from the Rowan County troll.