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Kirk Cameron: Christianity Will Win Its War Against Gays

The Anti-Gay Lobby has really ran with its 2014 strategy of "Help, our intolerant views are no longer being tolerated." You know the strategy has become a memo shared with all of the American Taliban when Kirk Cameron, one of the anachronistic right's public faces, throws his weight behind it. Though he's retreated from his public battle against an American minority group in recent months, Kirk is back in a winded money-grab video for the anti-gay Alliance Defending Freedom. Starting around the 20 minute mark, Kirk can be seen trumpeting the homophobic movement's Hail Mary play, grasping for straws as Americans wake up and shake off decades of treating their fellow citizens like second class citizens. 

And yes, it's sad and a sign of the times when your "Big Guns" consist of Kirk Cameron. Good luck, Anti-Gay Lobby. 




One thing we ALL know is that YOUR genitals don't belong in a butt hole, but a vagina. A butt hole is a poop chute.  ie. literally a chute for passing waste out of the body. Not for other penises to go exploring. The homosexual behavior is latent issues from childhood that must be dealt with at once. Please call for your free consultation. 

A mouth is an orifice made only for ingestion of food. Are you saying that anybody practicing oral sex should be barred from marriage? 

Wow, mr smartypants, what a closeted fucktard you are. Stay out of society for our sake, ok? It isnt any of your damn business, nor anyome elses. Just money pouring in for those that speak out.

Maybe I'm confused here, but isn't the vagina ALSO a chute for passing waste out of the body?  Consult with one of your biology books, assuming you haven't burned them all yet.

Tend to your own matters fastidiously; keep a quiet inner voice, search your own soul, and stop judging others. Only then will you find God.

I know of alot of heterosexual couples who have anal sex so to say its only a gay thing is dumb maybe YOU should try it once and see how good it feels  

I find it hard to believe that someone who would speak like this would be able to find anyone willing to sleep with him/her.

So what about the millions of hetero couples that have anal sex? 

You know lots of straight men lust after a woman's ass too, don't you?  Or are we only caring about gay men here.  I should hope you campaign after the former issue as well.

Pay no attention to Dr. SmartyPants.  He is a latent homosexual troll who apparently has nothing better to do than to troll pro-gay forums to antagonize pro-gay people and spew his anti-gay rhetoric because of his own gay feelings.

And even that run on statement was more articulate than the entirety of his error-filled and grammatically-retarded posts on this site.  PhD and Professor my ass!


God isn't people are dumb.

Wow, you just lumped 60 million Americans into your fee experiences with gay people???  And you actually know Kirk Cameron??? You only know what he says on camera for money.  

If he is willing to spew this much hate toward any group of human beings than I am grateful not to know him personally. Keeps me from having to sever a friendship/acquaintance.

this is ridiculous...this is actually a commercial....and as for the doctor story....are they speaking about why the late term abortion was happening...this kind of skewed storytelling is why people dont take this seriously...this is some bullshit...there are no facts only skewed stories and the very basis of freedom applies to both sides...i cant believe that they are trying to take the victim mentality on this since usually Christian based belief  are the ones trying to take others freedom! I believe in god...i also believe in free choice and the fact that no one knows 100% until they die and see whats on the other side so everyone just do what they think is good for them and live a happy life dont infringe on others.

Because the gays are always in our faces with their agenda! Always whining about something! If you believe in reincarnation I would hope that you come back as Kirk Cameron. A man with values and integrity. A rare commodity these days!

I've tried and tried and tried and for the life of me can't find my copy of the gay agenda. Could you dig through that deep, dark closet you live in and send me a copy of yours. 

Another arrogant jerk who thinks putting dr in front of his name makes him an authority. 

Yes, how dare we gays want to live in a society with the ones we love.  How dare we want to not be killed, fired, ostracized for loving someone else because you can't get your head out of your ass.  Based on your comment, you could use some values and integrity.  

Oh yes, such an agenda.  Someone like Kirk Cameron cries anti-gay rhetoric and it's a "a moralistic and highly valued opinion and must be respected" but when someone is pro-gay rights then they're suddenly "pushing an agenda."

It's not the gays who go door-to-door with books and pamphlets on their faith, their morals, what they believe in and shoving it down everyone's throats.  Religious people are much more "in your face" and they believe they are right to do so because they are "righteous."

Gay people are tired of being trod on, denigrated, ridiculed, and denied fair and equal rights JUST because the religious right takes issue with it.  We've come several thousand years and science has progressed to heights we've never before dreamed and the Religious Right is STILL screaming to other people on how they should use their genitals.  Hey, Relgious Right!  STAY AWAY FROM MY GENITALS!

Its funny when people will say God said to hate gay people but they can violate all the other laws he created like killing animals, lying, cheating, stealing, etc but they mostly remember the gay one.

I pray for him another's like him that someday they experience the liberation of Christianity. This is a religious philosophy based on the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The concept of his philosophy was treating each other with respect and without judgeing them. Treating others as you wish to be treated. Apparently, far too complicated for some. Ha. 

I propose a group be formed to expose Kirk Cameron as the latent homo that he clearly is, no straight man expels so much time and energy thinking about gay sex.  We can call it "Campaign for Outing Kirk Cameron" or C.O.K.C.   for short.

Well, DUH!  His best friend was named BONER, for shit's sake!


I see what you did there.

I am a Ph.D, a doctor and a professor. I know for a fact that GOD created the human anatomy to FIT together, ie. man/woman. And to procreate. If gays take over the world the human race will cease to exist. 

Yes, because the world isn't overpopulated as it is. Also, because there aren't thousands of children stuck in foster care or children's homes because their bio parents didn't want them. Let's not forget the children in third world countries who starve to death every day.

How is allowing the gay people to get married going to make gays take over the world? There will still always be heterosexual people, and there will always be couples that consist of someone who has a penis and someone with a vagina. There are many kinds of couples that can still procreate even if they don't identify as a man and a woman.

"Dr", A Bible verse does not count as "fact".  Please cite your references to prove your statement.

I am an older, white, straight woman and even I am offended by the sentence "If the gays take over the world, the human race will cease to exist."

I am seriously questioning what kind of Christian can make that statement.  I was taught man was made in God's image. God loves all of us no matter what.  Isn't a gay person also made in God's image?  Doesn't God love him/her also, no matter what?  Being gay is NOT a choice; people are born the way they are.  If GOD decides he want to make everyone gay and have them take over the world, IT WILL HAPPEN, no matter what your opinion may be.  Just the fact you made a ridiculous statement makes me question your education and/or belief system.  

Hi doc.

Is your hold on heterosexuality so tenuous that you believe that 2 men or women marrying, will cause you and all other men and women to jump into same-sex relationships at the detriment of world survival? 

Which gay sex act so enthralls you that you fantasize about it to the degree that you know in your heart that my getting married will cause you to run away from your wife and jump into the arms of another man?

Halelluyah amen,, DR, I stand with you 100%, you need to start your own blog so we can all join and discuss the truth.

Great, on other fool who can't think for themselves and uses a2000 year old book of fiction to do it for them. god help us. 

LMAO...stupid f-wad. do not deserve to take up oxygen on this planet

"If guys take over the world the human race will cease to exist"... doctor and professor and wow so you're psychic too? Maybe it's better if the human world doesn't exist anymore with judgemental, ignorant people like you in it

I don't believe for one second that you are a doctor or a professor, lmao. Also, gays are not trying to take over the world. Gays are fighting for (and deserve) equal rights and protection under the law. 

Why are you worried you are starting to have gay thoughts ?   are you worried their agenda will make you and your children gay ? ... LOL  I have ocean front property in Mexico,  that is absolutely GAY proof I will sell you cheap !  Act now before they take over the world ......

Step 1.  Prove the existence of God.

Step 2. Verify the source of the voices in your head.

Step 3.  Seek psychological attention.

I do not have a PhD, and I find it implausible that you do, but I know for a fact that you are a dipshit.

Thanks for confirming for all of us that you are not just a bigot but a lying bigot. 

I'm sorry, are you God? Have you spoken to God? I am assuming you know God personally in order to make such a statement as to know that he created man and woman to fit together perfectly and no on else. Are you not referring to the same God that supposedly created all things? Isn't it true that this God loves all his children? Isn't it true that only God can judge us? So please spare me the talk about how you know what God wants or how God intended humans to be because you are NOT God. You cannot judge because you have probably sinned more than any of these people who are just trying to love and be accepted and there is NOTHING wrong with that. And let me tell you, your God will judge you for this. 

Sorry, but Lady Gaga was WRONG! You were NOT born that     way!

I'm sorry to break it to you, but did you have a choice in which man or woman (whatever your preference is) you fell in love with? Did you get to see one some day along your life and go "That's a good one, I'll fall in love with that one."

You're basically telling people that they should be able to do that. So go shove it up your bum along with the stick that's already there.

Why is everyone  feeding this troll?

uhhhh...yes you are!!

No it's not a choice.  You have no idea what you're talking about.  You're like someone whose never had cancer trying to preach to someone about what it's like to have cancer to someone who actually does have cancer.  See the ridiculousness?

BTW, no one said anything about screwing animals or children.  Gay rights are about two consenting, adult human beings.  That's it.  Anything else you add into that is just perversity that you are trying to equate with gay rights just because you want to make it seem gross.  That's just sad.  

Are you suggesting it's a choice?  When did you choose to suppress your attraction to men?

Yes it is a choice.  The same choice as someone who chooses to molest a child or have sexual relations with animals.  Get upset if you will but it's a perversion. The same as the other 2 I have stated.  We all have choices we make in life it's called free will.

So are you saying that you're disgusted by the idea of having sexual relations with someone of your own sex?

That's how someone who's gay feels about the opposite sex.

Now go, get off the internet, and educate yourself on how to be a decent human being.

You didn't answer the question. When did you choose to stop acting on your homosexual fantasies? 

And your free will has let you to judge others and to try to exert your will where it is not needed or welcome. I implore you to search your own heart quietly; there you will find the one true God that teaches us to love one another. The only thing wrong with a consensual relationship between two adults is you... you simply don't belong in the middle of it. Remove yourself and tend to your own business. Go with God.

You know that if it is a choice, that is all that is separating you from a homosexual, right?  It is not that you are born straight or that you love women.  It is that you just haven't chosen to act on the side of homosexuality.  You are no different than a homosexual besides for the fact that you haven't chosen to pleasure a man.

I like how you have no idea what you're talking about yet you keep blathering in, ineptly in fact, as if you do, just because you think you have some high moral ground and righteous duty to do so.  

how the fuck do you know.  are YOU god?

Wow... I'm impressed by the level of manipulation at work here lol. So now I know the face behind ignorant hate, there so called justice league. The brain washers of america. This is where it all has to stop, these people must be stopped at all coasts for they are the reason that we are behind the times, being told we are going to hell for not being on there side, that I can't marry because its against a fictional character with an aerobic name, because if women are raped, diseased, cant afford or its their bodies and dont want it they're still expected to give birth. .. and the topping on the nasty reglious cake is worshipping only they're god "who is so powerful yet does absolutely nothing" but say I'm a devil worshipper for being a pagan and staying with the first gods and spirits of our first people. Where's our temples? Where's our bibles? Where's our songs in schools? Where's our rights? ... o.. wait... now I know. Because we're not a bunch of hateful brats trying to smother the world with their views of do what I say and what I want or I'll beat you up. Sounds so familiar. .. sounds like ignorant bullies spouting nothing but outdated bullshit, and I can't wait for the day that you are completely thrown out of society, your church's are converted into pagan temples only because tearing them down is to good for you, and last but not least when you are the ones that feel shame for being what you are because of how you feel and how you were born. This is how you treat others and I'm so glad you are finally getting a taste of your own medicine.

Bravo!  I couldn't have said it better, my friend.

Funny how he starts up again in the public eye right after his family gets a reality show....I thought he was a closet case in the 80's and is still having "growing pains" now but chooses to rebel instead, asshole...

Does this mean if a muslim child wants to sing a song about muslim faith in public school, the Los Angeles school district will say o.k.? Why would any parent want their children exposed to the religious music of another religion while they are at a public school? Did they make an exception for this child or is there a verifiable policy change in print from the school district as the video suggests? 

If a Muslim child wants to sing about the Muslim faith in school, that's his/her First Amendment right, and it would be illegal for the school to oppress it.

It's not a case of separation of church and state.  Read the First Amendment.  It says that a government institution may not "respect an establishment of religion," i.e., it may not show favor.  But allowing a child to sing a religious song is not favoring a religion, unless only one particular religion is allowed.  So, making an exception for this child would be against the law.  The policy must apply to all children of all faiths. 


That's nice but, try telling that to the fools that say that our Constitution was based on judeo-christian beliefs and only those should be respected. 

Why does anyone care what this moronic former child actor thinks?!  

Freedom of religion is important. So is freedom of speech. You have the freedom to be as kind and loving, or as stupid and as irritating as you want to be. But that freedom doesn't protect you from getting the reaction you don't want. People have the freedom to respond. 

A wiener and a wiener just does not connect. It's so obvious that it's not God's plan. Why would you want another mans wiener or butt hole? It's a revolting thought!

Funny u say 2 penis' don't work together and your name "chichi LaRue" is a gay porn producer.

let's begin with the honest fact that there is no God.  then all this other nonsense ceases to exist.

This is true!!! this country wasn't even built on religion! and never will be!

Nor does the idea of creationism connect with the overwhelming scientific evidence we have available today that supports the concept of evolution..... but you've chosen to accept creationism anyway. If you have that much imagination you should be able to figure out how 2 "wieners" can mutually exist. 

Love your post! let the wieners exist.

You're a wiener!

What are you?  five years old?????? Who says that? Oh I know someone who cant come up with a logical argument to the insane bullshit that they are spewing out. Do the world a favor and think before you speak.

My pastor said God gave boys wieners and girls wee wees. Two wieners do not connect, and 2 wee wees don't connect. It should be like how the male plug fits into female wall socket. Or how a light bulb screws into its socket. That is why gay marriage is so wrong. 

I can't tell if you are taking your pastor seriously or simply quoting him for us to laugh at.  I'll go with the latter and laugh my ass off.  

Was this before or after your pastor decided to play with little boys wieners?

Your pastor should stick to teaching about mystical magical beings, and let the scientists explain how humanity works.

One phrase..... Separation of church and state! You want the government to stay out of your religion? Then keep your religion out of our government! It is NONE of your business if someone wants to be gay and be married or have an abortion or what have you... It is their right... Once you start stripping others of rights you put your own rights up for grabs! I dont care if you agree with what others are doing, if you were truly a christian you wouldnt be judging others like this and persecuting someone for not believing in your particular religion. I dont understand why you are all so closed minded and hateful!!! How could you all be so hypocritical?! I dont understand why its such a big deal to let other people have the same rights that you have..... Just leave your noses out of other peoples personal business! 

AGREED Mike Ryan!!!


​I'm a CCOKC!

Wonder how they would feel if Bryan was gay?


A black person cannot be racist because the definition of a racist is someone from a race that has treated by another race of people violently or poorly as a group. Black people never did this to white people in history. So black people cannot be racist. In the case of bullies the same would apply. Heterosexuals using their religion as a shield have been bullying gays forever. You cannot say that gays are bullying heteros, because we never have in history. We have been the victims of bullying. You can't just turn the tables on history. It's a little uncomfortable for you now because you are being called out on your bigotry against gays, and you're using your religion as a shield. You are not a victim by definition, you have a long history of being in a class of bullies Mr. Ryan, and sounds like you still are one. 

The biggest bullies are the ones that have been in power for thousands of years and have beaten, shamed, and silenced a minority. That would be the church. You dehumanize the homosexuals by calling them a "Lobby"...try  realizing that the organization you call the Church is forcing everyone else to respect their beliefs. We do not have to respect your beliefs or your god. You are free to believe in this stuff, but your beliefs end where other's begin. You are appauled: I am not suprised. Explain how my lack of belief or a gay couple's relationship impacts you? Cameron is an actor. He is reading a script. He is paid to say this stuff. BTW: turn off your damned caps lock next time.

Yep gays are sooooo intolerant.... Even though they fight for equality, promote peace, and accept ANYONE who needs acceptance.... Other than that soooo intolerant.... -.- jack ass

How and why do people embrace a religion that that is founded in hate. I will stand up for their  freedom when they are being fed to lions again, well maybe after Kirk's turn. Stop teaching your children to hate, I know this is not what the gods want.

And that's why your not on TV anymore!!

"Help, our intolerant views are no longer being tolerant."

Are they really serious?

He does not speak for ALL of us Christians!!  I don't believe Gays are going to Hell nor should they not have their freedom to marry each other.  I HATE this misrepresentation of us!!!!

Then STAND UP.  SPEAK OUT against other people who call themselves "Christians" but who do not walk the talk. CHALLENGE other Christians when they spew hatred.  CALL THEM ON IT. If you just stand by and fear challenging them, you are no better than they are -- the person who stands by and allows injustice to happen is no better than the person who commits the injustice.  As Dr. Martin Luther King said, "in the end, it is not the faces of my enemies I will remember, but the faces of those who claimed to be friends yet stood by and did nothing."  Don't just stand in the corner and whine, "they don't speak for all of us."  SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.  SAY THEY ARE WRONG. TO THEIR FACES.

How can you not find women HOT  and sexually desirable? ALL gay men are known to be polygamous, promiscuous ho bags that will go with anyone or anything (including gerbils) that will get them off. So, why not be with hot, sexy women? 

I've seen women suck horse cock on the internet.

wow ? www what where 

LMAO!  Hilarious!  Women are anything but desirable.  They're OK people, as long as they keep their clothes on.

How can you not find other men HOT !!!  Why ??  Cause you were born str8, that's why. We were born gay, get over it. I find it funny how str8 people always seem to know why gay people are Your not gay, you have no idea what its like to be gay, so don't tell people it's a choice unless you know what it means to be gay. There are people with different hair and eye colors, different races etc... It just makes perfect sense there would be different sexual orientations. If you read the Bible from cover to cover, the word homosexual is not mentioned once. It's bigots taking certain verses and interpreting  them to justify they're hate. I'm a Buddhist and one of the main beliefs is to never hurt any other living thing.  Find something better to do with your time that spewing hate, it stands in the way of you finding inner peace. Besides, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Would you kindly rephrase your statement.  I was 100% faithful to my partner until his death.  We were together for 5 years.  Even after his death, I have been faithful to any guy I've dated.  I've been single and celibate for 3 years now.  I know, just as straight men, many gay men who are promiscuous.  This goes for straight women too.  Not ALL gay men are like this, just like not ALL men or women, no matter their sexuality, are like that. 

please tell me this is sarcasm? You can't be serious.

Both gay and straight people are capable of complete chastity, monogamy, serial partners or outright promiscuity.  Just ask Senator David Vitter. 

If straight people didn't make gay babies... This wouldn't be an issue... We are not even "gay" that often.  Find a new target to bully.  You have already had a history of bullying different races and you own women.  Find a new cause and leave us 10% who just want to live in peace with you alone

The gay lifestyle is a CHOICE. It's  a segment of the population that has chosen to follow their base desires. God created us to pro-create. You can't do that with 2 dicks or 2 vajayjays. And then you want children. You want your cake and eat it too.

If there ever was a name swiped straight from a gay porn movie, it's "RamRod."

It's  funny how many homophobic trolls are on a gay site.  Is your life really that empty?

So...............RamRod is it, funny choice of names for a gay basher.  Listen douchebag, Until you can be in my mind don't tell me Gay is a choice.  Funny how Kirk the jerk says we're at War,  yeah, a War christians have created.  Gays promote love while you and your asshole kind promote hate.  So be as straight as you want, you'll be the ones going STRAIGHT TO HELL.

p.s.  fuck you.

So i have to ask...When did you decide to be a heterosexual? Just curious to know cause i dont remeber when i made that choice. I always thought i was born this way. Was raised by to heterosexual parents had my first crush at the age of 4 (which was a boy) so i guess i was kinda born liking guys. I wish i had a choice to like girls so that way id be accepted and not be seen as a walking sin or bullied. God knows how many times ive prayed to be straight but never really got my wish. Maybe he is trying to tell me something that you cant change who you are.

You think I chose to be gay?
I love being called a fag. I love not being able to get married and the best think is when I was beaten by someone who didn't like gay people.

Isn't it wonderful how I can be discriminated against in my job at school and when looking for housing.

The best part of my decision was losing the respect of my family and friends. My husband loved it when I called him my roommate. That was his favorite pet name :-)

I especially loved when I was refused to see my husband one last time while he lay on a gurney in the ER after an accident.  I couldn’t even say good bye to him as he lay dying!

To anyone who has made this "decision" too, what is your favorite part of your "choice?"

It’s stupid to think that any of us, at any point of our lives decide to peruse a life that’s paved with bigotry, prejudice and discrimination!  The ONLY thing we choose is to be who we are!


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