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Kirk Cameron: Christianity Will Win Its War Against Gays

The Anti-Gay Lobby has really ran with its 2014 strategy of "Help, our intolerant views are no longer being tolerated." You know the strategy has become a memo shared with all of the American Taliban when Kirk Cameron, one of the anachronistic right's public faces, throws his weight behind it. Though he's retreated from his public battle against an American minority group in recent months, Kirk is back in a winded money-grab video for the anti-gay Alliance Defending Freedom. Starting around the 20 minute mark, Kirk can be seen trumpeting the homophobic movement's Hail Mary play, grasping for straws as Americans wake up and shake off decades of treating their fellow citizens like second class citizens. 

And yes, it's sad and a sign of the times when your "Big Guns" consist of Kirk Cameron. Good luck, Anti-Gay Lobby. 




Oh, David, my heart is with you.  I am a PFLAG.  My husband recently passed away and I was so fortunate to be with him, to hold him as he passed.  I was the one who had to uphold his wish for no artificial life support if he was terminal.  I was the one who had to sign that paper.  I was the one to make the memorial and cremation arrangements.  And as difficult as all of those things were, I realized that they were a privilege, a privilege, a privilege that I have simply because I am straight. My husband was a tireless PFLAG and gay rights advocate. And it makes me so angry, so very angry, that no matter how painful it is to hold your loved on in your arms as they expire, that it is a privilege, and that no one should be denied this privilege, no one should be denied their last chance to say goodbye. According to nearly all state laws, hospitals must comply with birth families' and blood relatives' wishes, even if it is to deny visitation from a life partner when a gay person is dying.  It is so sad and hurtful.  One friend I know was able to deliver verbal messages to a gay man as his partner kept vigil in the hospital lobby, and she got this privilege how?  As a "straight" female who was a co-worker.  The family allowed her to visit -- as a "straight" female co-worker, she had more right in their eyes to visit than his life partner -- until they found out she was bringing messages of love from his life partner.  For the haters who believe in Hell, I hope they burn in it for their hatred.  Hugs to you, David J.  How awful.  I cannot explain this, but your husband knew you loved him, and he did not feel that YOU abandoned him. Love to you, from Louisiana. 

Being gay's a choice? So when did you choose to be straight, "Rod?" And are you sure you know what the hypothetical Supreme Ruler and Creator of the Universe, I Am That I Am, the Alpha and Omega is thinking? Are you actually that deluded and arrogant? And did you really type "vajayjays?"

I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean by "thinking", however one can easily understand what the God of the New and Old Testament and Jesus himself has revealed in regards to the parameters for human relationships. If you don't believe in the inspiration of the scriptures, the existence of God or reject the message contained within, well that is a completely different conversation and I'm not sure why one would bother wasting their time critiquing a worldview that they clearly deny. You either reject the word of God or you accept it, personally I have far more respect for my gay friends who reject its message in toto then those that attempt to twist it's meaning to justify their moral choices, regardless of how strongly the bible may disagree with them while at the same time claiming to be Christian.

It's not just the gays who twist the meaning of the Bible to justify their moral choices...


You are nothing but a bigot. No one created us. 

Bigotry and refusing to educate yourself on something you don't understand is a choice. Choosing who you're attracted to is not. Stop picking and choosing what suits you out of a book written by men and reinterpreted by other men to spew your ignorance, intolerance and hate, pretty sure you probably eat shellfish, pork and wear mixed fabric so get over yourself.

So what of men and women who are born barren?? If God created us to pro create then why would He allow that?  I wish being gay was a choice...  What is that choice!? Live alone in misery?  Or lie to a woman and get married only to ruin her life because she will never be desired by her husband.  You have a choice every day... Love and accept or judge and hate.  

Hey all you assholes that call yourself Christians... Every single one of you that have some kind of shit to say about gays are going to hell, it's that simple. "Love thy neighbor" you f*cking morons or do you not read the bible. It amazes me all the people who call themselves Christians are the first to show hate & do exactly what Your God tells you not to do. How about you just worry about you own shitty life. I believe in freedom of speech & freedom of religion. I don't believe in the ignorance of hate of any sorts. So grow the fuck up already. If God hated gays he wouldn't continue to create them. In the bible it clearly f*cking states that GOD KNOWS what our choices in life will be. What our paths will be. Just know if you carry hatred towards anyone your path will lead you straight to hell... Just say'n...!

Listen, Kirk - if you Christians want to be seen as anything but medieval hate-mongers, you all need to get over the whole gay thing, and the whole secular thing. Your god doesn't exist, but if he did, he wouldn't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut about what his creations do privately, by mutual consent, in their own bedrooms. Your bronze-age religion didn't invent morality, and the ignorant goat herders who started it up were illiterate, superstitious savages. Now for fuck's sake, finish fading into obscurity, you hateful, bigoted, hypocritical cunt. Have a nice day.

Get over it Kirky you fighting a losing battle

I believe in a higher being but not the bible. That book was wrote by a bunch of drunks trying to make a name for themselves. All the stories come from people who "talked and witnessed" God's doing. Biggest load of BS I've ever read!

How do you justify and/or legitimize sticking your dick up another guys ass or in his mouth? You don't really believe in your heart of hearts that that is normal, do you? If you really believed it was normal, drug use and alcoholism wouldn't be so wide spread in the gay community. Gotta go ride a bull now. See y'all later. 

Another stupid bigot. What's new?

I don't have to legitimize it... Why should I have legitimize anything about my sex life?  Do you?

Transgender is just another term for FREAKS!

They have overcome more persecution for what they believe then you could ever dream of.  You are a small minded soul trapped in your own small world... If you opened your mind up you would see a brave soul... 

THANK YOU!!! I take the term "freak" as a compliment. It's the opposite of being boring, cliche, and filled with mulishly insipid banality. So thanks for the compliment. <3

Yeah, I think Jesus said that. Oh wait...

Yes, I'm a gay Christian. WE ARE NOT AT WAR. I don't impose hate and fear into anything. If everyone could just love and respect one another no mater there circumstance. Unfortunately, people manipulate different verses all throughout the bible. How long will it take for justice to prevail. Don't quote Leviticus to me. In Galatians Paul says we are no longer under the Law. Paul said Leviticus is the yoke of slavery, Galatians 5:1. Let us all just live in peace with one another. Kirk please stop spreading fear and hate throughout the world. I will pray for you.. 

Just for some perspective: I'm a transgender male-to-female living in Arkansas. I've had good friends (also trans) who have been beaten to death by so-called Christians. I've been beaten by so-called Christians and one even held me down and held a lighter to my genitals; HOWEVER, I do not hate peaceful Christians or the concept of Christianity as a whole even though I do not personally believe in such dogma. I would fight for their rights the same as anyone else's and have many times in the past. Everyone just keep to your own path and stop worrying about everyone else's.

thank you for your honesty.

I would love to shove my cock up his ass and make him see his God.   Idiot.   


I'm sorry but I wasn't aware that christ was preaching to his people about waging wars against anyone. The word homosexual is not in the bible.

All we want is the same right you enjoy, to live your life unimpeded as you see fit. You're the one who wants to take our basic civil rights away, who wants to discriminate against us in employment and public accommodation, who so unrelentingly attacks our humanity and worth that our young people kill themselves in desperation, who legitimizes hatred and violence against us, who tries to turn our own family against us, who wants to control who we love and how we live, who advocates for our children to be taken away from us.

If your gay you can bot have children naturally so why should u have the right. Yalls choice turns ur family's against you not us. But you will only be judged in the end by one and thats god. You all are so hot tempered for what all were being picked on its your choice you weren't born that way why get made that you made a choice an majority doesn't accept it in biblical times it says you would of been stoned not put on tv to parade a rainbow flag. I dont go protest yall being gay and I really dont care until the b.s media tryes to shove it in my face and the media is ur perpetrator wake up

I'm a straight 26 year old female from Ohio. I was born without a uterus and therefore can not "procreate" with my boyfriend so by your Christian standards I guess that means I don't have a right to have children either. Newsflash... there's no God up there. If there was I think he'd be gay and proud and so ashamed of all of your hypocritical judgemental ignorant bullshit. My best friends are gay men and they are the most loyal and loving people I've ever met. Love my gays

PLEASE learn spelling, grammar and punctuation. I can't listen to the argument of someone who clearly never finished the 3rd grade.  You are embarrassing yourself.

We don't protest all of the straight (heterosexual) crap shoved down our throats either. We're here, we're queer, get used to it.

It says in the bible its an obomination to be homosexual. Period point blank no one can change what is stated. A man who lays with another man as a women is an obomination... Sodom and Gomorrah are prime examples. If your gay its your choice and thats fine your choice is your right. As long as I dont have to deal with your personal life style being pushed upon me im fine with it. I have gay friends I dont agree and know what it says in bible about it but im not gonna preach to them because it will never matter. End result is your choice its clear what is said.

So you also believe that adulterers, disobedient children, those who masturbate, those who have have sex out of marriage, those who don't believe in your god and those who enjoy oral sex should all be stoned?

You also believe that people who wear cotton-wool blends or have dinner at Red Lobster are abominations?

jesus christ, you can't even spell when you're trying to copy a piece of fiction.

Actually you can change the Bible.  It has been changed over the centuries of translations and kings who didn't agree with certain teachings.  Abomination in ancient Hebrew meant 'not fit for the Jewish'.   If you're going to live your life and judge others based on a book that has been re-authored by so many over the last 2 thousand years, maybe you should just try to stick to the main theme: love thy neighbor, no killing, no judging.  

Again its all in the old testment. Leviticus also states that children who disobey their parents must be punished to death...i don't see that happening these days. A little too brutal right? If being gay was a choice, wouldnt you think everyone would choose to be straight just so they wouldn't get bullied or brutally judged. There wouldnt be teens commiting suicide because they can't change who they are. Think about it. Is your God the type to allow such hatred that would result a person to take their own life away?

Ok. We can't "lay" with another man. Is it ok if we do it standing up? :P

First of all, being gay isn't a choice.   Religion is a choice. 

The Bible also says that slavery is ok.  It also says that stoning is ok.  it also says that genocide is ok.  It also says that infanticide is ok.  It also that if a woman is raped, she has to marry her rapist.  Would you like to comment on any of these things or does it make you uncomfortable that the book you follow is filled with immoral teachings from your God?

Read your Bible it does not say that in that way. You should not lie with a man as you lie with a woman. It is the act of and not being. There is Homosexual animals over 400 species that display these actions. Animals do not hate or teach hate as Humans do (Christians). HUMMMMM Just Sayin. But before you open your mouth about something you do not know the correct information about read up on it FIRST.

I would have to reread the bible....I'm sure there are some other points within that many christians don't before marriage? Divorce? Oh, and aren't women chattel as well with no rights but the property of their father then their husband? Damn! Better take away the vote, beat your women into submission and rule with an iron fist while stoning all who have sex before marriage. ONCE you do all the other issues of the bible? Please, feel free to come after me.....a proud gay man who is also a teacher of children and NOT like you assume a pedophile, but a person who tries to teach children to think for themselves and not be brainwashed by narrowminded, ignorant people who fear what they can't control.

You are talking about the Bible as if everyone believes what it says or considers it an authority.   Paul didn't hold non Christians to the same standards as believers.  New Christians were not held to the same standards as mature believers.    We need to focus on people coming to know Christ and let the holy spirit sort out the behavior. Works flows from faith.    Paul didn't condemn Homosexuals.   He condemed sexual practices outside of God's design.   

The word "obomination" is not in the Bible.  Stop pushing your Christian lifestyle in my face.

Jesus said not one word about gays. Paul did, but he didn't even know Jesus...

You are a complete naive, homophobic person.  Do you really have gay friends? If so, they are m with your stupidity and hate?  I seriously doubt you have any friends, gay or otherwise.   Gay people are not your problem.  You are your own problem.  Crawl back under your hate rock and stay there.

Chaser, you're quoting Leviticus, which also says that wearing long hair and eating shellfish are equally abominations.  Do you adhere to those as well, or are you just picking and choosing those passages that line up with your bigotry?

It says in the bible its an obomination to be homosexual. Period point blank no one can change what is stated. A man who lays with another man as a women is an obomination... Sodom and Gomorrah are prime examples.

A-bomination. With an A.

This  group get's 2 out of three things right. Yes, a young boy should have the right to preform and yes a person shouldn't be forced to help to have an aboraton, I will go yes to forcing another person to except someone else lifestyle. However,forcing others to except your form of religion is just as wrong. I am a proud Christian and I am Gay. My Church and my God excepts me for who I am and that I love everyone just the way they are, just like Christ. If you can not love everyone, you are no follower of Christ, because he said "you will know them by their love".

I'm a Christian and I'm ashamed of Kirk Cameron.  Jesus came to show that the "religious right," (the pharisees, saducees and rabbi's) weren't "right."  He showed love and compassion to everyone whom the religious elite and political elite of his day looked down upon.  All the displaced people--the poor, the disabled, lepers, the disadvantaged, samaritans, prostitutes, adulterers, tax collectors.  And dare I say that we marginalize by gender, race, social status, sexual orientation--he came to show us that marginalization is exclusion and not what God is about--which is love.

First sentence: "Has...ran?"  Come on, writers.  You can do better.

Then there's "...our intolerant views are no longer being tolerant."  (Should be "tolerated.")

Eric, I kind of threw up a little in my mouth when I saw that glaring error as well.  ;)

Kirk Cameron is a horrible person.  Call yourself Christian, or whatever you want, but you are a hater.  Believe whatever you want Kirk, but don't promote hate.  There's already enough of that in this world.

Preservation of rights, (including the right to free speech, and religious freedom) is a dynamic, push-pull thing.  The notion that Christians are being persecuted is ridiculous.  But aside from such rhetoric, most of the video was reasonable, (and I watched the whole thing).

Funny, it didn't get to the gay stuff until about 20 minutes in.  And while I don't agree with the beliefs and views of the people in the video, they have a right to their beliefs and views; furthermore, their holding such beliefs/views is not a violation of my rights.  I kept waiting for the part where Kirk Cameron says, "Christianity will win its war against gays."  Turns out, if he ever said such a thing, it's not in the video.

Why are you feeding the flames of divisiveness, Instinct Magazine?  

Honestly, I'm about to unfollow this trash.  

It is not your right to force your God on to me. You can worship any God you wish but when it comes to Government that's where we have the problem. America is not a Christian nation, it was designed that way, hence the separation of Church and state.  

Why does every idiot always call it a "Lifestyle choice" I never choose to be gay it is what i am and have always been!!! SHUT UP KIRK CAMERON and every other nut job other there....go worry about your own "lifestyle" 

What is amazing is people like yourself that are promoting hatred and have this delusional idea that the gays are out to get you.   Your trying to do things to force your lifestyle choice on everyone and flip out when people don't want to be forced to be subjected by it.   You are screaming from the mountain but all your screaming is hate when what your preaching from is against what your doing.  

Yes, Christianity will win. Unfortunately for you, Mr. Cameron, your religion isn't Christianity. Therefore, you are on the losing side. By the way, you *are* you.

The concept of god is old and outdated. There is no god. The bible is a means by which to manipulate the simple who do not understand how to be a good person without being told.

The only one who will judge my self and my husband is not a sad little person hiding behind a book, written by man. We live our life's as good people who treat others with respect. All these people who are so fast to throw judgment, I was taught that is a sin, has that changed? I say look at your life and your soul before u try judging mine or anyone else. 

I'm sorry....who is this guy?

I forget who his character's name was; but he was in the tv show "Growing Pains" as well as the film adaptation of the "Left Behind" book series

We are to rightly divide the Word of truth and if anyone doesn't understand Kirk Cameron's stance on homosexuality then I would suggest picking up the Word and reading it for yourself. All of it. Sure, God loves everyone and He forgives everything. But His Word is clear about sin and it brings healing to sinful and broken lives. If you are gay or straight God is for you and his Word can change your life. Be strong and courageous. Don't be afraid to read it. He will show you who you are!

Except your God isn't real.

May I ask you a question, Milly?  With much more SERIOUS problems in the world going on such as poverty, child molesters, HETEROSEXUAL men CHEATING on their wives, murder -- I mean the list goes on and on and on ---  why not focus on or be at "war" (as you people put it) with those things?  Certainly the above are much more important things to concern yourself over than two men sleeping together or two women sleeping together.  Methinks some of you protest too much.  Could it be you are struggling with your own sexuality?  Sometimes I wonder if Kirk isn't struggling with his or maybe he is just a lost child star wanting attention.  Honestly, you "Christians" (and I realize all are not as bigoted and HATEFUL as you are) are always hiding behind the "Word."  The Word, the Word, the Word -- that is all any of you can say.  Do you not know how to think for yourselves or must it always come down to a book that was written by MEN where most often than not they were speaking to specific people and not everyone at large?  Just sayin'.  Perhaps we should start throwing stones at all of the heterosexuals out there who have 5 and 10 and 20 different children by 5 and 10 and 20 different people -- all the baby mamas and baby daddies.  Gee, that's not in the Bible, huh?  Perhaps because it is a double standard!!!  I find that much more abhorrent than gays and lesbians.  Oh and I have read the Bible, and I still know I am gay!!!

All sin is against God and some sins are grossly immoral. We have all sinned and fall short of Gods standards. Some sins carry greater consequences in this life. But the wages of sin is death. We will all die and we are all accountable. I want to live my life in a repentant state of mind, I want to please my Lord and Savior. I always look at myself before pointing at others sin. God wants everyone to turn to Him. Many are called but few are chosen. The chosen, choose God. God has a plan for you. He never gives up!

A Bronze Age book is not my Word. I am a Christian, but I'm smart enough to know that the Bible is filled with ancient tribal laws and that homosexuality is not a sin.

Shut up.

He is mentally ill. We as gay people have no intention of trying to remove GOD from anything. I know I don't. What schools do or what abortions are performed have nothing to do with a gay person. These issues keep getting clumped together with gay rights and that has NOTHING to do with gay rights.

Me thinks he dose protests to much

Shut up Kirk. You're a sick, pathetic and ignorant person. No one cares what you have to say,

This is why you should never throw anything away.  Those white robes and hoods are coming back in style!

oh boy and i had a crush on him for years got some of his movies im gay i think you are wrong but that ok we cant all be right all the time praying for you kirk i think i still may have a little crush so if your marriage dont work out. hit me up

Kirk Cameron, we are here and we are quere.  I laugh at the thought that you can get rid of use.  We are too fabulous to go.

This is so dumb! God says that youre not supposed to judge ANYONE so, kirk is making a big sin himself by judging gay people. There are a lot of things in the bible that are sins that are far worse than being gay. People think that being gay is just a choice BUT, its not! You cant help who you love! God surely knows this, he created us!! Also, God is afainst war so, i dont see how Kirk is much of a christian at all! He is sinning wirse than gays are by judging others and creating a war between gays and straights......what is wrong with him? Also, just so everyne knows, gays are people too, just as much as anyone else. We are NOT a race all on its own, we are flesh and blood just like anyone else!

Id like to ad Im gay and Im proud to be Christian. They can coexist even though im part of a more traditional church. The basis of the church is to love one another and to help and show charity. What one does in bed is Gods and your own business. If we live a good Christian life then Gay can exist. People like Kirk on the otherhand show know Christianity just fanaticism.

Kirk - somewhere along the road you became a very ill guy. I suspect you are a self-hating deeply closeted gay. Hate yourself and project it onto others. Your religious lunacy only further convinces me you have a lot to hide.

I understand religious right. Jesus also want us to love all and never be filled with hatred. He wanted us to be charitable. God says judge not lest ye be judged the same. Kirk you say Gays should go to hell then youll be judged the same. As a good christian you should know it is all about tolerance charity and love. Why have so many Christiams lost their way.

You are absolutely a joke if you believe you can stop Marriage Equality.  There is NOTHING you can do at this point.  I'm not going anywhere Kirk, and you are aging far faster than I am. I've been in this war for 30 years and if I was losing as badly as you and your side are, I'd be ashamed, or at least smart enough to pick something else! You look as ridiculous as the "Winning!" guy.
Gays are SMART, financially stable if not outright powerful and with you accounting us to be "no more than 1% of the population" well, my God, we must be demigods!  We are whipping your ass and mopping up the floor with your losses.

fuck you kirk 

The amount of hate on both sides is sickening. As a gay Christian I am constantly finding myself in the middle of this battle. This country is at war. A civil war. A civil war of words. I hate to think where this will lead us as a nation. We don't need to worry about being destroyed by outside forces. We're being destroyed by our own actions.

Kirk I used to really like you and thought you were hot. Now after finding out how you really feel. All I can say is you must be one of those actors that looks hot but is dumb as a box full of rocks. You say God and Christianity will win over the gay people. Boy please like it says in the bible god created everything. Do that means he created gay people too. Are you really that stupid. Are you a member of the Westboro Baptist church? You must be because you think just like them.


Kirk, go fuck yourself with your hateful agenda!

Assuming these 'Christians' claim Jesus as their leader, what in the name of Jesus has a 'war against gays' got to do with anything Jesus ever said or did????

Love you Kirk! Always have, always will!

He is an idiot and I really do not understand where the hate is coming from.  He professed to be a "Good Christian" yet - he is quick to condemn and judge. Check out his Birthday celebration photo from Lane Chaplin/Twitter.


(Lane Chaplin/Twitter)

Wow! Everybody seems so happy and excited, especially the person in the doorway. 

Jesus Christ...that's the saddest birthday party I've ever seen....

Funny Sean, I think that is exactly what the gay "community" will be advocating next...violence and death against anyone who does not fully endorse their lifestyle choice.  The rabid hatred shown by homosexuals towards anyone who does not comply and agree and genuflect to their agenda is amazing.

Really?  Your evidence for that?

"Rabid hatred shown by homosexuals toward anyone who does not fully endorse their 'lifestyle choice'"??

Please, just put down the meth and come back to reality. There are treatment centers where you can get the help that you need.

What is amazing is people like yourself that are promoting hatred and have this delusional idea that the gays are out to get you.   Your trying to do things to force your lifestyle choice on everyone and flip out when people don't want to be forced to be subjected by it.   You are screaming from the mountain but all your screaming is hate when what your preaching from is against what your doing. 

"The rabid hatred shown by homosexuals towards anyone who does not comply and agree and genuflect to their agenda is amazing."

Seriously? As if organized religion is so innocent.

This is the first time you've felt this way? You see, we homosexuals have been threatened with violence and death by people like you since time began, so, please be patient with us if we say something about it.

See, that's the crazy thing. I don't expect anyone to endorse my life. I just don't want someone  condemning me simply because they don't like it. The saying goes that anti-gay folks have lives; gays have lifestyles. #trueignorance

Amen!  I don't flaunt my private life & expect the same of people around me.  Of course I'm northern & not very demonstrative.

Until recently, we had no idea what is like to win against people like this.  Now we do.

Nope. You'll have to physically kill us, (that is millions of people) with your own hands Herr Kirk Cameron. 

He doesn't want to KILL us! That would put an end to the source of his revenue....


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