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Kissing Those We Love From Afar. The Next Must Have iPhone Attachment?

Miss your loved ones so much, you want to reach out over the Internet and give them a big old kiss?  Well now you can. 


Plug in to your phone and give your loved ones a kiss over the Internet. Kissenger can sense your kiss and transmit realistic kissing sensations to your partner in real time. You can also feel the force on your lips when your partner kisses you back. Share an intimate moment with your friends and families while chatting with them on your phone. -


Well, hmmm, maybe?  Would this be a good substitute for your significant other's lips if they were many miles away?  Click on images for a larger view.


But why was this made?   Was it just for the distant lovers?


For Couples?  We totally get that.  For families?  Well, yes, there are those family members that are kind of close and kiss on the lips.  You can marry your cousin in several states so ...  For fans?  Maybe we could set up some kissenger time with our favorite Backstreet Boy member.

For more info on the kissenger, head over to its official site.  or we can watch the video below to see how it really works. 



But couldn't we run this in conjunction with a hook up app?  See how he kisses before we make the trek over to his place?  You know there are some bad kissers out there so if we could use this to weed them out.

But what is stopping someone from putting their johnson up to this machine and poking away? How long until we hook this technology up to a fleshlight on one end and a dildo on the other? SORRY!  That's where my mind went. 

It may not be too far off since one of the minds behind the kissenger hugged a chicken over the Internet back in 2012.