K.J. Apa And Cole Sprouse Strip Down For The Hot Tub On Riverdale!


If any network out there knows how to wet our collective whistle it's the CW, and on the latest episode of the Archie-inspired series Riverdale, the CW delivers in a major way with a two-for-one shirtless scene featuring Archie (K.J. Apa) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse!) This is far from the first time that either of the gorgeous guys has stripped down for the series - which is like Pleasantville meets Gossip Girl meets Sean Cody - but I do believe that this is the first scene in which both actors appear shirtless together. This matters people!

Things are heating up in the world of twenty-something high schoolers, and in the episode titled "The Hills Have Eyes," a hot tub party goes South when Veronica proposes to make out with Jughead in order to even the playing field after her boyfriend Archie previously kissed Betty behind her back. This matters people! Later in the episode Archie shows off his manliness by doing pushups in front of Veronica, and you better believe we have the receipts below.



Both Sprouse and Apa are impossibly gorgeous, and all of their hard work in the gym is definitely paying off. I'm still waiting for the scene in which Archie finally admits his undying love for Jughead and the two go to town on each other, but I guess the folks behind Riverdale are saving that for the finale. Check out the hot pics and let us know if you're Team Archie or Team Jughead in the comments!



H/T: Mr. Man