K.J. Apa Works Up A Sweat While Working Out


There exists a mythical land where high schoolers are all in the twenties, everyone's dad is hot, and shirts are not worn unless specifically called for, and this place of intrigue and wonder and sexy people is called the CW! The preferred network for the most discerning of shameless thirst buckets isn't holding back for the Archie comics-inspired series Riverdale, and on this week's episode titled "There Will Be Blood," Archie portrayer K.J. Apa strips down to show off his perfectly ripped bod! Again. There will be something more than blood, if ya know what I mean. Actually, I don't even know what I mean. 

The dramz is in high gear on Riverdale's current second season, and in this scene, Archie appears to be auditioning for a gay casting couch porn shoot in his man cave while showing off his gorgeous bod during a work out. Veronica didn't get the memo that we really didn't need her in our lives at this moment or really ever, and storms in to ruin the fun. But thankfully this brings the best looks at Archie's gym payoff.



Things get interesting again, when for the forty-fifth time, the CW execs find a way to get Archie's dad Fred (Luke Perry) into the same room as his shirtless Adonis on-screen son. The 90's heartthrob announces that he's running for mayor, but I think I already know who I'm voting for. The ginger God that his Archie!

I do not J.K. when it comes to K.J. and I think he's one of the most talented actors on the small screen these days. Are you into Riverdale, or are you still wondering when the writers are going to explore the will they, won't they relationship between Archie and Jughead? Let us know in the comments!


H/T: Mr. Man