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Kylie Gives Advice To Kylie Drag Queens & More In Instinct Red Carpet Interview At GLAAD Media Awards NY!

The equivalent of a pilgrimage to Gay Mecca was achieved Saturday night at the 25th GLAAD Media Awards when I briefly spoke with Kylie on the event's red carpet. It almost didn't happen—to the chagrin of the dozen-or-so reporters in line after me, I was the last to score a few moments of face time with the international pop star before she headed inside the auditorium for the event. As a seasoned Instinct reporter, I used the time wisely by talking about drag queens with Kylie.

Following the interview, we packed up our gear and headed into the dinner and awards ceremony a few minutes late, only to realize we had been seated with Kylie herself and Boy George! The two celebrities gossiped away while my fiance (as of Saturday night!) had to pinch me under the table and sneak the smelling salts up to my nose every few minutes to keep me from fainting, you know, professionally.

After an hour of homo-heaven, Kylie was whisked away (no, I did not grab on to her shawl and beg her to stay through gritted teeth) to close out the show with a cheeky introduction from Boy George and an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime performance of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" atop the Ketel One (main sponsor of this year's NY GLAAD Awards) table right next to us. To make the performance extra special, Kylie invited the entire room to sing along, karaoke style. 

Just like GLAAD Awards host Fortune Femsteir said, Kylie alone is "like a dog whistle for gay men." 

Here's my interview with the gay icon (her show-stopping performance is below):

Kylie performs "Can't Get You Out Of My Head":


hey sean, she brought it up. it was a fun and cute interview so get a life and lets see your interview with kylie and then we can discuss.

"As a seasoned Instinct reporter, I used the time wisely by talking about drag queens with Kylie."

It's not possible for me to be more embarrassed for you.

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I'll continue getting paid to have fun interviewing celebrities and you can continue being an Internet troll. Doesn't sound so embarrassing to me!

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