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Kylie Surprises Fan With Performance At The Gym

We already carefully select each and every gym outfit. We also run to the bathroom mirror to fix whatever mess sweat has inflicted upon our mane. But now that we know our favorite divas can surprise us with awkward performances in front of high def cameras at the gym, our neurosis has been magnified ten fold. 

On the other hand, this does look quite staged. 

What do you think, Instincters? Is this "Priceless Surprise" for a MasterCard-holding Kylie fan a surprise or staged?




she is amazing and pulled off what could have been corny as something that was cool because she knows whats shes doing.  she really is a star

The guy was kinda creepy. . The way he walked up to her immediately. I say real.

I think the other people working out were staged to help Kylie with the surprise. But I believe Adam knew nothing. I just love Kylie!!! Such an honest amazing person. Well done!!!

Staged...  If Bjork (my fav artist) would'v done that to me, id probably faint, totally in shock or at least cry.

You gotta love Kylie!!

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