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LA Gay & Lesbian Center Raises $2.9 Million; Plans To Triple Number Of Beds For Homeless LGBT Youth

As we mentioned last week, Any Given Tuesday, the LA Gay & Lesbian Center sponsored short film that brings awareness to the struggle of homeless LGBT youth was screened this past Saturday at a benefit dinner for the cause.

The evening resulted in $2.9 million being raised and the LAGLC announced its newest ambitious venture!

Greg In Hollywood reports:

Last Saturday, $2.9 million was raised for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s services for homeless LGBT youth at a benefit dinner hosted by director Roland Emmerich(2012, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow), one of the Center’s largest annual donors, at his Hollywood estate.

The Center offers the nation’s most comprehensive range of services to care for homeless LGBT and questioning youth.

“The number of youth that has been coming to us for help has been skyrocketing,” the center’s CEO, Lorri L. Jean, said in her remarks at the event. “It’s as if the progress that we’re making in this society — especially with the visibility with film and television — is translating into kids coming out earlier, and younger, but in families that are not ready to support them, tolerate them or accept them.”

Jean said that in a single day recently, 134 young people had come to the center’s facilities for help – dramatic jump from the approximately 35 or so that had been the average.

“We had 30 beds, and now, thanks to Roland, we have 50,” Jean said. “But it’s not enough. … We turn away kids at the end of the night. We have got to do something to take care of more of our kids.”

Part of the proceeds of the evening will go to the construction of a new facility for the homeless youth that will triple the number of beds to 150.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the $28 million project is expected to break ground in 2015 and open in 2017.

Clearly we're excited to see the new plans that LAGLC has in store, but we can't help but think about those kids that had to be turned away due to lack of room and resources.

All of our efforts count.  Show your generous financial support for LGBT youth here!

And if you haven't seen it already--check out the exceptionally powerful Any Given Tuesday:


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