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Lady Gaga Apologizes For 'ARTPOP'

What began as an explanation for the delay of Lady Gaga's "Do What You Want" music video quickly evolved into an apology to fans for what we can only describe as part one of the ARTPOP era. Specifically she put her management team on blast. 

Lady Gaga now explains that the "next few months of ARTPOP will truly be its beginning."

Check out Gaga's full message to her Little Monsters:

DWUW Video

It is late because, just like with the Applause video unfortunately, I was given a week to plan and execute it. It is very devastating for someone like me, I devote every moment of my life to creating fantasies for you. All my my most successful videos were planned over a period of time when I was rested and my creativity was honored. Those who have betrayed me gravely mismanaged my time and health and left me on my own to damage control any problems that ensued as a result. Millions of dollars are not enough for some people. They want billions. Then they need trillions. I was not enough for some people. They wanted more. I am very grateful to the photographers and designers who have always stood by me to make sure my fans are never aware of the things that happen behind the scenes, but unfortunately after my surgery I was too sick, too tired, and too sad to control the damage on my own. My label was not aware that this was going on. The next few months of ARTPOP will truly be its beginning. Because those who did not care about ARTPOP's success are now gone, and the dreams I have been planning can now come to fruition. Please forgive me that I did not foresee this coming, I never thought after all the years of hard work that those I called friends and partners would ever care so little at a time I needed them the most. Give me a chance to show you the meaning of seeing art all around you. Open your hearts to me again that I may show you the joy of us coming together through our talents, that we are stronger as a unit than when we are alone. Let me be for you the Goddess that I know I truly am, let me show you the visions that have been in my mind for two years. I love you. Forgive me monsters. Forgive me ARTPOP. You are my whole world.

What do you make of Gaga's apology to her fans, Instincters? Is there anything to forgive? Are you looking forward to the new beginning of the ARTPOP era?


The bitch is so fucking over...

You know, the first ever interview I saw with her was on CNN. Larry King asked her  what she would be doing if she weren't' famous. She replied, "I'd be dead."

Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

I cannot wait to see this spoiled little cunt playing a casino in the near future. I'll supply the razor blades then. Some shallow and fragile "role model" she is. Nothing to aspire to there, not now, not ever.

Leave her alone you bastards.

Always the victim though. Always.

Jesus Christ, is this reductive biatch ever gonna stop her wining?  She whines about everything, when it goes wrong, man up for once stop your bitchin and complaining, apparently she it's never her fault things go wrong. It was not her fault that "Born this way" was a straight duplication of the Queens hit "Express Yourself" it was not her fault that her fans were attacking Madonna at one point, and now it not her fault "Artflop" flopped.  Huney it SUCKED!  This has to be the worst album of your career, let it go.  The reason why your so called friends did not stand by you it's because the album is shit, the music business is about making money not losing, it seems that you are beginning to start a trend, remember your tour in 2012?  A disaster, Livenation lost money on yout trek, get over yourself, stop complaining, your album sucked that is the reason they threw your ugly ass back on the road with a much tamer carefully priced tour, to make up for the album losses, nobody cares shut the fck up and disappear please!

She's a common reductive cunt.

I care! Stop commenting on something you don't like as if you are someine who should be highly valued of! You don't like her music, plug your ears then. Simple as that!

THis has to be Carlos.

I find most of these comments/replies funny. She was honest. Shit happens. Such is business. I liked the album. I personally thought it was the closest to what we've gotten from Stefani Germanotta in POP mode. But that is just an opinion. Business is Business. And again shit happens. She will be fine.

Let her be:) she is a true artist. Everyone puts the pressure on her. I love her work!!! We focus so much on what the media feeds us. This has been happening for years. I love her work. She is an inspiration for her honesty. So many people read into her words so much. Bloggers and reporters get paid to drag her in the mud. Her music is beautifully crafted. Maybe, it can be a little over produced... But who cares!!!? She's trying to reinvent something. I am a hair designer and everyday I am trying to reinvent!!!! As artist, it might not be perfect but we are always trying to capture the differences that we have within. I am standing next to the Lady in her struggles. I love music, art, and intellectual perception of the mind!!!! Lady Gaga: beauty and brains... The independent soul! 

How is rehashing being "independent" or "reinventing"   ?   What a load of bullshit

You guys are fucking stupid. Shes not apologizing about thr music...its about how the experience was brought to us in an unfinished wrong way.

She should apologize for working with R. Kelly, a known rapist and under-age predator. If you aren't familiar with the charges against R Kelly, you can read about them here:

ArtPop is a phenominal album (with the exception of "Jewels & Drugs") knowing a thing or two about this business - everyone is really at fault for not getting music videos out. I have to say there were too many award and promotional shows as opposed to get into a studio or location to film videos. (The Graham Norton Show, iTunes Festival, MTV Video Music Awards and Muppet Thanksgiving Special) those all took too much time that could have been better spent working on videos. Why not shoot a bunch of videos in the coming months at one time for, say, four or five songs and let that be it? I have tickets for the Pittsburgh show, so Gaga, buckle down and turn up the heat on Interscope!!

Before this meltdown Gaga tweeted the video was weeks of planning and 3 days of shooting . . .now she says there was no planning or time? Which lie is she expecting us to believe?

Hollywood and Interscope are $ hungry...they want their artists to go with what's bankable and to hell with creativity. Hopefully gaga will start her own label...

Mmmm.. All major recording artist go through this... Dammed if you don't and dammed if you do... Madonnas MDNA may not be Madonnas best selling album.. But in the wake of the album it created 3 #1 Dance Hits and the tour became #1 in the world... I never heard JJ, JLo, MJ, Madonna apologize for anything that they recorded.. This is so unfortunate for GAGA,  Your album flopped sooo what move on and keep recording.. This whole release of GaGa apologizing is gonna stick.. Foreals..

Thank you! Ain't that the fucking truth!!

She really wanted to show the Monsters how "Diverse" she was as an artist, but she left behind something I can't really put my finger on. Maybe it was her authenticity. This album tried too hard. It's too perfect and we all don't really see her as "perfect." She went mainstream and the over teasing of the album didn't really help her... It seems that she just really desperately wants money. Doesn't she have enough?

Blame blame shame shame. She put her face on the products she releases. She should take responsibility for her desperate longing for attention. Typical poor little rich kid. Now Gaga really became Blabla ... Next!

She's fucking tired, even her surgery was a stunt...where are the fucking scars, bitch needs to bite the dust!!

Looking forward to a new Artpop reboot! I'm no fair weather fan ... You can do it Gaga! :))

See that's what you get with trying to be "THE QUEEN" 


Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha <3

Over ARTFLOP. Hey Britney!! 

But I don't see gaga's intentions of this album for herself. I see her doing it for another wave of fame for herself and sadly it's not quite what she has expected. Personally I really love the sound and feel for this album. But she'll have to accept that people won't take it the same way they took her other albums.  

I meant below.

Wow I hope she doesn't read these comments above...

Too little too late. An apology won't fix the problems that are ARTPOP. 

What? Gaga's blaming a 3rd party for her shortcomings again? Stop the presses! I wonder what body part she'll lay blame on this summer when the tour gets prematurely canceled again......

For someone who labels herself as a goddess, (who has no interest in thrones apparently) she doesn't seem to have the basic ability to accept responsibility. 

Stupid lame ass cooze, she needs to stop breathing!



don't care. ( yawn)

Monsters are responsible for killing Gaga's career... :(


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