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Lady GaGa Is Having A Name Change!

Lady GaGa Is Having A Name Change!

Don’t Call Her GaGa!

You may know her as Mother Monster or Lady GaGa, music and fashion icon, but this time she’s being credited under an entirely different name. It’s her birth name: Stefani Germanotta. She’s going rogue for her latest acting performance in a reboot of A Star Is Born. It’s a seemingly fitting gesture as the plot of the film is about a real woman trying to succeed and accomplish her dreams of stardom. The more this reboot gets hyped; the more I want to see it! Like, what if Gaga Germanotta can win an Oscar from this?!

GaGa has been credited as her famous alias in her other acting endeavors. I don’t want to call her Germanotta the rest of my life, so let’s hope she’s doing this just once.

Do you agree with the name change for the film’s purpose or should she still stick with Gaga?!

This article originally appeared on Vanity Fair.



Looks like part of a trend toward embracing her talents and self without a need for disguises or camoflauge.  Perhaps a nod toward growth on emotional level and preparation to deal with life on the real basis.

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