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Lady Gaga Rush Releases Second Single After "Applause" Flops

If you're in the mood for even more new music from Lady Gaga, your wish might be Universal Music Group's command. 

Music websites are reporting that since "Applause" has apparently struggled to gain a standing O from fans on music charts around the world, Gaga's parent record label (UMG owns Interscope) is apparently ready to rush-release a second ARTPOP single ahead of schedule. The new song "Swine" will likely see the light of day in early September, according to reports. 

Noise11 reports:

In Australia, ‘Applause’ has already fallen out of the Top 10 of the iTunes chart to number 15 after just one week on sale. In the USA, ‘Applause’ is down to no. 7 and in the UK it has fallen to no. 10.

The lack of interest has become a major issue for Universal Music, Lady Gaga’s record label. Universal will rush-release a second single ‘Swine’ within two weeks to hopefully reignite some interest in Gaga.

It gets worse. Lady Gaga’s YouTube views for ‘Applause’ have been questioned after her fanbase was encouraged to hit refresh to inflate the figures. Incentives were also given to fans who were encouraged to buy multiple copies of the song to win a prize in an effort to upstage ‘Roar’, the new song by Katy Perry.

What do you think? Is "Applause" failing to resonate?


I am in complete confusion how so many people are donning ArtPop a failure when they have only heard ONE song, Applause (or two if you've heard the leaked Burka, which isn't my taste at all). Moreover, those who are denying she has talent or isn't a musician, I cannot understand this at all!

For people that actually play an instrument or sing and recognize "musical talent", whether you like Gaga's message, her tactics, marketing, style, or whatever, it is beyond me how anyone could not recognize her musical prowess. Her ability to play and sing an enormous style and genre is credible alone. If you take inventory and look, you'll find elements of classical, historic rock-n-roll riffs, unusual rhythms, complex chord progressions and melodic scales, and a clever and genius layering of vocal, rhythm and cadences. I doubt the majority of people pick up on these techniques. They are incredibly difficult to perform let alone create. She writes and produces ALL of this! There are very few artists that can claim this.

I LOVE BLACK GOSPEL music. I love the style, chords, rhythm, and soulful deep emotions behind it. This is why I LOVED Madonna's Vogue and Like A Prayer, but Madonna did NOT write these songs. I know I will offend here, but Madonna has a marginal voice. She couldn't stand in the presence of the vocal gymnast Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. Madonna is a PERFORMER and NOT a musician. Take away her "risque" outfits, sexual overtones, hip thrusting, and choreography, and you are left with BORING. The lame accusations of Gaga "stealing" other people's work is preposterous! There are countless songs with the SAME CHORD PROGRESSIONS. You can trace the same pattern in rock-n-roll songs to works of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. The classic signature riff of the Doobie brothers (chord progression I-IV-I(7)) is laundered throughout all music genre). Just because Gaga's song has the same chord progression as another artist (and I could technically argue that Express Yourself and Born This Way are more different than similar) really exposes the ignorance of those making the claim. Madonna's appeal and talent largely rested with her "shock" value, persona, and her stage presence. Cher is another. Cher, which she admitted about herself, is not that great of a singer. Cher and Madonna are very very similar in how they arrived at fame. Yes, part of Gaga's draw is a reflection of how Madonna and Cher, but Gaga goes a step beyond: she is a TRUE MUSICIAN.  

In contrast and if you truly do this with an unbiased approach, take a listen to Gaga sing Orange Skies, her special with Tony Bennett, her album arrangements then acoustical piano arrangements, her Edge of Glory on Howard Stern, and the list goes on..... If you are honest and have the ability to discern real talent, you'll find Gaga transcends ALL types of music genre. She could easily sing Broadway, Jazz, Gospel, Rock, Pop, and even though I detest it, Rap too. And she WRITES and COMPOSES all of these types of songs. Take a listen to her compositions as "Stephani Germanotta" on YouTube, Whether you like the style or not, this is one TRUE musician.

So hate all you want. Wish her failure. Bash her fans. But those who can dish out true and fair criticism, and not by their personal bias, can reach no other conclusion, she is undeniably a music genius.     

I agree with your assertion that many music artists benefit from qualities other than their vocal talent, so not really knowing Gaga music, I took your advice and listened to her version of Orange Colored Sky on Youtube.  I gave her a B minus.  Unfortunately for her, when singing standards you are up against the all time greats and legends. But I also had to make it a minus because, for those lucky enough to live in California for instance, the weekday acts can often outsing Gaga.  So I have to agree with others who say that much of Gaga's success is from self promotion.  I have no problem with that.  I feel she would be doing better if her fanbase had not alienated so many other fanbases.

well at least you seem objective and i commend you taking the time to listen and comment. where you give a B minus, someone else may give an A or an F; my point was not to claim she is the greatest vocalist, or specifically, the best vocalist for the "standards" but rather her repertoire is broad - showcases her talent's breadth. for me, you cannot top michael buble for standards, at least for this generation, in my opinion. and you may differ here as well.

the comments left for this article are ridiculous and nto backed up by substance. it seems more entangled in juvenile "tug-of-war" btwn madonna or perry. i concede that it takes all colors to make the rainbow. we all have diff tastes and preferences. so what? what i take issue with is the baseless mud slinging. dislike her for arrogance, false pretenses, values, etc... just something of substance, but to start claiming she has no talent, no musical ability, copies other artists, etc... i just have issues with that. 

if you want to get a feel for more of what i am referring to, just take a listen to gaga SOLO on a piano only. listen to how many diff arrangements she does for the same song. or, take a listen to her when she was stephanie germanotta, again playing solo on piano or with her small band. you cannot "synthesize" that sound. it is raw and the music styles are so varied. so many diff sounds and styles, and all written by her. yes, she has collaborators, but she writes the music. most of her collaborators help write the synthesized part, NOT the melody, chord lines, or rhythm. and take note, now with artpop released, she has picked up playing the guitar on stage, not just keyboard. 

like her or not, madonna, perry, cyrus just dont share the same stage with gaga. maybe in "performance" or choreography, but cannot touch her music prowess or composition. but thank you again for at least being objective and not so hateful.  

I actually have no problem with Gaga & my girl, Miley Cyrus actually has admired her.  But her fans have been bugging me on some Miley posts.  Insulting Miley, putting down Miley's accomplishments, and trying to explain why Gaga is a goddess.  NOT that they simply love Gaga, but that Gaga is the total shit, and everyone else is shit.  It's gotten so bad that now I'm waiting for Gaga to go away so I don't have to deal with LM's on the internet anymore.  That's not fair to Gaga, but there it is.

You sound pressed sis.. She doesn't write her own music check the credits..she is no vocalist please listen to Mariah Beyonce and Christina. BTW is a exact copy ofExpress Yourself. She can say she is all about the gays but not too long ago there was a campaign for equality and all social media turn fantastically red with equal signs ever as people's profile pic.. We'd see support fromMadonna and Queen B herself.. Lady gaga was no where in sight ( probably because there wasn't an album to promote) the gays have awaken to this copy cat.. I see it.. We all see it

Lady Gaga will always be remembered as a Madonna Wannabe singer and she needs to be exposed. Why?

She and her Haus of Deception (god knows those clowns running her promo) saw how Katy Perry's "leaked" song was roaring up the charts, within hours her song is mysteriously "leaked" too and now she is upset that people see through her latest marketing ploy? She is so starved for attention and I feel sorry for her. She is making completely fool of her self. Whatever happened to pure talented artists without a "shock" factor? 

I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see her or buy her music.

She is manipulating gay community to sell albums. You're so rich and so spoiled that you believe all the tripe your PR/ press agents spew. You will discover America is a lot more than you think it is. Times are about to change. Okay, so why is the "gay issue" the one Gaga's picked when she's not gay? Why not poverty or inequality in general? Why not talk about racial equality? Why the gay issue?

Back in late December 2009, the L.A. Times did some digging around into the obscene amount of product placement featured in Lady GaGa’s music videos like “Bad Romance” and “Telephone”, and discovered that GaGa had either taken money from, or freely featured products from companies with anti-LGBT ties.

Miracle Whip is owned by Kraft Foods, which donates almost exclusively to Republican candidates –including several who have gotten scores of 0 by Equality California, an organization whose mission it is “to ensure and promote dignity, safety and equality for all of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Californians.”

Hewlett-Packard’s donation record is also mixed in this respect, contributing to some candidates with solid voting records in favor of LBGT issues, and some against.

But Chevrolet’s parent company contributed primarily to social conservatives, including House Whip Eric Cantor, who voted yes on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, and voted no on enforcing specific punishments for anti-gay hate crimes.

Does she just pick and choose where the money comes from based on whatever best fits her image​? Lady Gaga needs to disappear for good. I'm so over this pathetic woman !

This is the stupidest argument I've ever heard. I am gay and I use Miracle Whip AND have an HP laptop. Does this mean I'm "exploiting the gay community?" Ridiculous.

Additionally, the leak and subsequent rush-release of her song actually hurt her single's sales. Clearly Gaga and her team would not intentionally do this as a marketing move.  It's fine if you think Gaga is too similar to Madonna, but you're just making stuff up and jumping to conclusions. 

Gaga is a marketing whore looking for a cheap publicity to sell garbage, just like her fashion and art.

Didn't Gaga know about it? Is she really THAT stupid? For someone who is SO involved with the gay cause… I can conlude she surely is misinformed.

I remember the Target scandal during Born This Way era where Gaga had dissolved her partnership with Target over disagreements about their policy on giving political donations. Breaking the contract when her song still is #1 ? Great timing, my friend and it was just a great way to keep her name on the headlines so she could claim herself as the "savior of the gays" as if she "standing up for her gays"

Stupidest argument ever? Maybe. Maybe no. If it wasn't true why didn't she sue L.A Times? Obviously she knows more than you shallow asshat Monsters pretending to.

It just means that she should have chosen her sponsors more coherently with her supposed morals and the cause she was allegedly fighting for. The fact that her sponsors were giving money to anti gay politicians, weakens and even nullifies her message and brings up serious questions about the honesty of her "manifesto". You can use whatever brand you want, it is your call, you have to answer to your own conscience. But if you were to become a public figure with so much influence you would have to think things more carefully, she clearly did not.

........meaning she is just a record company's puppet who is being scripted how to behave, speak, sing and Tweet all in the name of ratings, sponsorship, endorsement and marketing obviously. She knows nothing about GLBT because everything is pre-planned for her right from the beginning.

Gaga is a not an angel but more of a decaying precum just like her songs, fashion and art. Last but not least, she bought her followers on Twitter. 71% are spammers. Sad isn't it?

Accurate post.. I detect no lies

Lady MEHga....

This post is not true  mr jonathan hahahaa    or miss jonathan  hahahaaaa  

Long post and I should have proof read. The first paragraph should have said "pit ONE against the other" as opposed to "on". The last paragraph should read "20 years" instead of 2 and "how much the public see's" (appostrophe "s", as in see is) in the event you indulged me and read the entire post. Sorry.

I typically refrain from getting into this banter, but had to jump in on this fiasco! Gaga "haters" need a mic check. The characterizations are ridiculous, but this is the same pattern, a blueprint, of the music industry and emerging artists. I am old enough to remember the inception of Madonna, and anyone who can relate or those that want to really investigate, look back at the comparison of Madonna to Cher. The majority tagged Madonna as a copy and fad, forecasting her to flop early on. Now look. Fans love to do this: pit on against the other. And we (the fans) are bright enough to know this industry is dripping with jealousy, envy, and secret hope for their competition to fail. 

I am definitely on the outer fringe of the bell curve of Gaga's fan base. In fact, I won't even claim to be a Little Monster, but I am a fan. First, she is a creative genius. She writes ALL her songs. There are FEW musicians that can claim this feat. Phil Collins, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Queen, Kiss, Dolly Parton, Buddy Holly are just a few. But, to write your own music AND have them top of the charts, is an even greater dimension of true musical talent. I play piano and can recognize how truly talented Gaga is. The music, chord progression, vocal arrangements, etc... whether you like her or not, she is a musical genius and one of the best in this century. 

I don't really hold her responsible for her fan base's actions, but I do agree, I don' t think she has done enough to temper their fury. I too find it reprehensible that her "anti-bully" and "anti-gay" campaign is the foundation of her empire, but her fan base launches some of the vilest examples of what she advertises and claims to be vehemently against. She has no more control over people's actions (her fan base) but I do believe she should denounce what they are doing and take responsibility if she really wants to have credibility.     

I have seen her 3 times and I can attest, her fan base is NOT crazy, at least what I have witnessed at the concert. Her messages are consistent. I DO think she is sincere in what she preaches. I know people can fool you and I like many, find a genuine thread in Gaga. She always reminds the audience of where she came from, how thankful she is, what struggles she shares with so many, and has never been boastful or arrogant. I worry if success will weed out these traits, probably the second most attractive thing about her (the first, her music prowess and true performer's talent). 

To compare an artist like Madonna to Gaga is very premature. Just wait another 2 years and then stack up Gaga's career against Madonna. I may be very wrong, but I would make a sizable wager that Lady Gaga will dethrone Madonna. Gaga is a true musician and this "character" is all part of her genius. She has created a mystifying persona, one that we all can't wait to find out "what is next". Don't get so caught up in the "reality" and take things so literal. Her whole image and creation is all part of the genius. I love "Gaga" and have no idea how much of this character the public sees representative of what she is truly like in her day to day affairs. Every one of us understand this. We ALL do this. We are different at school, at work, at home with our family, friends, lovers, etc.... Gaga is no different and 'we" the fans aren't either. 

Lady gaga is spiraling downward from her music to the publics demand for it. I bought Born this way thinking it was going to be a great album all it's doing now is collecting dust. Tried to take it to Zia to sell it they won't take it because they already have like a zillion copies for 2.99! To my disappointment I ended buying Britney's Blackout and as much of a train wreck she is the album is Nirvana to me anywho there is my two cents which is the amount I'd pay for another lady ga ga album

Lady Gaga never denounced or stepped in when it was brought to her attention that her little monster fans were out of control.  Her response was, "They're just protective of me."  She needs to step down off her pedestal. Her message has become null and void after the way her followers have behaved.  Granted the majority of them are 12 and have been given a computer, so what else do you expect.


Yes we're "jalouz" and yes "cuz" she has the best "weave". You either must be brain dead, haven't graduated grade school or had no schooling. Lady Gaga is done with washed up spit out. Her music is mediocre and he schtick is old


Right, but Gaga didn't act like a victim and post this for the world to read like a psycho on Twitter.  No class.  She's through and over,  She's a joke. A fan base of a bunch of little morons aka children with no lives.   ,  

like always she gets her fans to do the the hate to other artist. The Monsters are nothing but hateful people that try to damage other artist careers... when GAGA got fat she went after Adele.... thats why I hate her fans.

Gaga was not wrong in questioning why she was held in a different standard compared to Adele. I applaud Gaga for saying what was on many people's mind.

Some of you yourself are verging on billing. I am a gaga fan and some of the things you're posting is obscured. Not for you to take offence but do your research before making remarks like these. In regards to the tweets between gaga and Perez. That's for them so sort out, read the tweets. As for some monsters they are like any other fans ie Britney Spears has Chris Crocker or stalker. All celebrities have crazed fan don't rush to a conclusion that were all bad. 

"For them to sort out."  Right which is why that psycho attention-whoring Madonna-wannabe should never have tweeted those crazy things about Perez in the first place.  She's turned me off of her with this desperado crazy behavior.  There is no humility with her like before.

Wait a minute. Are you defending that talentless, fugly-faced, good-for-nothing vermin known as Perez Hilton? The one who likes to OUT people before they are even ready. The same Perez Hilton who likes to IMPOSE his standards on everyone else? Seriously, if you need to pick sides, Perez Hilton is NOT the side you want to pick on. No Integrity, No credibility and a nobody.

Lady gaga had the worst fans, they are such bullies. What happen to all her anti bulling?? She's falling quick!! Her fans represent here.. And they are so mean!! HUGE BULLIES!! 

Very true.  She does have the absolute worst fans in the world and what's sad about that is they have ironically contributed to her downfall.  Everyone just became turned off by them and by her for doing nothing about it.   As far as her music.  It's fun, dance, but the last album "Born this way" only had 3 great songs on it, the rest of it was noise.  This "Applause" is more of that noise.  

Gaga fans are bullies??? Only SOME of them are, as they are humans after all, and they get insulted when people are insulting Gaga. Have you even read HALF the shit Madonna fans say and Britney fans say? They're worse. Gaga fans are the most open-minded fanbase out there right now.

And did you know it's been exposed that haters have been POSING as Gaga fans on twitter, sending hate, just to make us look bad? 

Don't drag Britney into your rant please. Britney has NEVER said anything bad about any artist. Madonna can because her work was stolen and repackaged so she can say what she wants to lady gaga. Lady gaga is vile I went to show once and she said quote " I will never pay top dollar to see some blonde bitch lip sync" only two artist that do is Britney and Madonna. She is so insecure and pressed on being the next Britney or Madonna but judging by her last album and current single she isn't even close! So Hun dont drag Britney she is truly humble and sweet.. But your a " Lil monster" what else can we expect.. Right

Anti-bullying doesn't mean having to take crap from anyone lying down, child.

If Lady Gaga is really a hateful person, then why is it that so many celebrities want to work with her? She will always remain strong simply because she is talented. She has the goods and skills to back up her claim. I do not think Lady Gaga has the worst fans. That title belongs to Bieber's fans.

I totally agree with u well said.

I'm a big Gaga fan and I'm not a bully... :(

Well you're one of the few :) Her fans are crazy.  LOL read the comments from her fan "Germanotta" on these postings.  He/she sounds borderline obsessive.  Sad, weird, little Morons.  Their mother moron is flopping and there is nothin they can do. :(  

You sound more than a little crazed yourself.

Perfectly agree with you. 

It's funny that these people are talking bad about Gaga fans, yet they're doing it in a way that it's insulting too. Hypocrites.

GaGa is fake, she's horrible, her album is gonna flop. I'm glad Britney Spears, the most humble popstar is coming with her new album with delicious pop songs and collab with Sia :)

<3 Miss Britney Spears and wanting a new Rihanna album

Britney will save pop music again

Hello, Britney!

Only a Britney stan...

Why are Gaga fans so quick to make homopgobic remarks? This is something i am seeing alot of lately , it is disturbing.

I am sorry that was a typo i meant it to say, Why is there so much homophobia coming from GaGa fans? And I am not just saying here. The other day a GaGa fan told PerezHilton, "Drink bleach and die fa*g*t".What bothers me most about it is she has actually been encouraging this behavior, i thought she was anti-bully anti-homophobic

I agree, Gaga's killing her own career by acting like this.  Why is Katy Perry doing so well?  Katy seems like a nice person, is grateful and polite to the TRUE queen of pop Madonna, and Katy genuinely comes off as grateful and humble as does Rihanna.  Gaga needs to learn a thing or two stat because her pop days are numbered.  She hasn't even had a lot of hits under her belt and allows herself to be called "queen of pop" lololol. She's falling fast, and not just off the charts.  Karma I guess.  

Bitch please you don't know shit abou her. After SOME of her fans were threatening others, she POSTED IMMEDIATELY on her social media sites that she would like for them to STOP and that they're not true fans if they keep the negativity. She has been fighting for a positive world from the start and has affected millions. Me being one of them.

Gaga never ever said she was the queen of pop. Don't make up shit. She even commented once saying "I don't want to be your queen, I want to be your friend. I only want to make music to make people happy". So spiteful bitches like you sitting at home trashing her need to learn a thing or two. Gaga is very humble. She still lives in her APARTMENT in New York with her parents. She don't own a million dollar mansion. You really need to learn more before you post things like this. It's upsetting. I'm a close fan of hers and I'm a liable witness to her tale. Trust me.

I totally agree with you as well I think her "fame" has gotten to her head and like u said its hurting her. She speaks about anti bulling and she just lets her brainwashed fans do it for her when she doesn't try to stop it. Even When Perez Hilton was her friend... he is now telling the truth....pretty much that her and her label were paid to talk negatively about Bionic...thats why now he is promoting people to buy Xtina's Album on the same day as Gaga's album comes out......and she is crying Foul.

Ugh stupid bitch stfu. Katy is FRIENDS WITH GAGA, We are LITTLE MONSTERS not you. We know more about gaga than you. So shut the fuck up and get your facts right. Madonna is queen of pop, Gaga is the goddes of pop. Byebye.

Completely agree.

I'm sorry but this is a rediculous comment. Okay so there are some 'monsters' out there that are taking things to far but don't let that for a second reflect upon Gaga herself. To say that she is endorsing homophobic and threatening behaviour is just absurd. She is one of the greatest advocates for homosexual rights in the world. And as for the comments towards Perez Hilton, Gaga has tweeted fairly often insisting that fans stop the negative comments, and to leave him along. This goes along with the fact if you look at Perez Hilton's website and search Lady Gaga I don't think there has been one nice post about her. I am not sure where you stand as far as a fan, but to judge someone based on other peoples behaviour is wrong. How exactly is Gaga acting to kill her own career?

Gaga was the one that instigated all those dramatic tweets in the first place.  She knew how her crazy fans would react and threaten Perez.  Rihanna, Katy, Britney, Madonna all act with class when it comes to bloggers.  They ignore it, they don't instigate like lunatic Gaga.  I used to be a fan of Gaga but I cannot STAND her and her delusions of grandueur anymore.  She is O-V-E-R and it is obvious how the public feels.  Weird outfits and a childish name and psychotic pimply-faced children as your fan base will only take you so far.  And as for gay rights, that was pure marketing, she copied that right from the page of "How to be successful like Madonna" book.  Madonna is a legend and I'm not even a Madge fan.  Gaga is a sad xerox heading for the recycle and shred bin.


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