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Lady Gaga's Little Monsters Offering Oral Sex On Craigslist For "Applause" Sales?

We thought we'd seen it all, but leave it to Lady Gaga's Little Monsters to prove us wrong! 

Apparently in an effort to get Mother Monster's new single, "Applause" to number 1, her most devoted (??) fans are offering compensation that goes far beyond the music.

Perhaps this is a gimmick (or some calculated shade attack from Katy Perry fans), but check out these ads that have been popping up on Craigslist this week:

That Los Angeles Craigslist ad reads:

"I am offering blows jobs that will make you go GAGA if you show me proof that you have purchased Lady Gaga's new single APPLAUSE on ITunes!!!

Please send picture and proof of purchase in first email!!

I look forward to hearing your APPLAUSE for my performance for you!!!"


Here's another from Miami!

These fans are really going the distance and they'll keep going until they reach completion! Completion of their efforts.


(H/T: DListed)




This is a joke by its auther.if it worked I doubt he'd follw through if tgerecfat old and ugly haha

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