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Lady Gaga's Unreleased ARTPOP Ballad "Brooklyn Nights" Leaks Online

If you had thought Lady Gaga's ARTPOP was missing a little something, perhaps that little something was unreleased ballad "Brooklyn Nights" which leaked online over the weekend. 

Idolator reports:

According to Gagapedia, Mother Monster had written “Brooklyn Nights” while inspired by a visit to a North Carolina adult shop where “the pornography was staggering.” Although she originally meant for it to appear on her third album ARTPOP, she later saved for the album’s corresponding app – in retrospect, a decision that makes sense. As promised by Gaga, “Brooklyn Nights” is indeed melancholy and sentimental, though it also feels a little stilted, if not robotic compared to her past ballads.


Even Monsters are shaking heads......poor Monsters. They feel so disgusted by Mother Donkey named Gaga. This is so embarrassing.


It was blocked

Oh, so not just for us Canadiennes. :)

I really likee it :) slow, robotic and very interesting

Sweet and Simple! 

not really feeling it !! vocally she sounds Awsome ! But to me the lyrics remind me of a inside story or joke! So over all sounds good but not a relatable story  or song!

Greg and I are holding four thumbs WAY UP!  

 Miss you!  xoxoxo Kathy

Loved it. 

And Artpop is her 4th studio release. It's listed as her thirds. 

It is her third, The Fame Monster was actually just an addition to The Fame

Not an interview for the release of the Fame Monster, Gaga discusses that just because it had a smaller track number than average albums, she still regarded it as a complete album in its entirety 

Not feeling this one at all.! Lady Gag Gag/

This is something different...sorta. It's a GOOD THING that she reaches...and shows 'us' that her capacity as an ARTIST is edgeless! Like this...

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