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Lana Del Rey Goes For Lady Gaga's Wig In Leaked Diss Track!

Uh oh, is lovely Lana Del Rey wearing her shady boots??

A 2009 diss track from the "Young and Beautiful" diva just leaked and she comes for Lady Gaga's wig in a big way! Listen to Lana's "So Legit" before someone snatches it off the web...

Los Angeles radio station, KIIS FM writes:

Lana makes no mistake of targeting Gaga, with a line explicitly calling her out by her birth name.

"Stefani you suck

I know you're selling 20 million

Wish they could've seen you

When we booed you off in Williamsburg"

The song is nostalgic as it is insulting. 'So legit' references the musicians' roots in Brooklyn. Before being shot to super-stardom Gaga and Del Rey were both managed by Bob Leone and played in the same club circuit in New York.

"What happened to Brooklyn?

What happened to our scene baby?

Have we all gone Gaga crazy?"


A lot of time has passed so perhaps this is all water under the bridge? We doubt Gaga's losing any sleep, but we're a little surprised to see Lana come for her like that--even back in 2009!


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