Lance Bass And Fiancé Michael Turchin Fight For Marriage Equality In Mississippi

Adorable couple alert.

Lance Bass and fiancé Michael Turchin​ are here, they're queer, and they want Mississippi to get used to it, so they helped with this overwhelmingly cute PSA pushing for marriage equality in their shared home state. 

“We’re here; our feet are planted here in Mississippi, and we can tell you by experience that there’s tons of support down here," Lance says in the video courtesy of Southerners For The Freedom To Marry. "Growing up in the South and seeing how change is definitely happening down here way faster than I ever thought it would happen here, I think we have grown leaps and bounds. This is where we need to start taking it to the next level. We need to open the dialog about this.”

(h/t: Greg In Hollywood)



Loving this guy more and more..What a great PAIR of spokesmen for our community! Thank you Lance and Michael. Wishing you all the love and happiness you can grab ahold of in life!

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