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Lance Bass Details His Five-Year Baby Plan

Lance Bass has babies on the brain! (Maybe he watched that baby video that had the interwebs in happy tears yesterday??)

Good Morning America spoke with Lance about his impending nuptials and got the scoop on he and fiance Michael Turchin's plans for children. 

GMA reports:

So does the former 'NSYNC singer want to have children after he and Turchin tie the knot next year?

"You better believe it!" he said. "All my friends basically did a baby pack and all had babies this year. I definitely have always dreamt of that. Growing up in the South, it's all about family."


The singer, author and director got engaged to Turchin last month and added that he doesn't want to wait too long to have kids since he's already in his mid-30's.

"We want to enjoy being a married couple for a couple years, but not wait too long," he said. "I don't want to be too old. We have a little five-year plan. Plus, my friends are all having babies right now, so it would be amazing to watch them all grow up together."


The "Bye Bye Bye" singer also has a very specific plan for his eventual family with Turchin.

"I would love to have a kid of my own, I would love to have [Michael] have a kid, and maybe even eventually adopt a kid who couldn't find a home," he said.

Turchin, an actor and artist, just had his debut at the Beverly Hills Art Show last week and Bass is obviously known for his singing and dancing with 'NSYNC. So, who will the kids take after?

"We're going to give our kids the world," Bass said. "So, they get to choose whatever they want to be. We are going to introduce them to every single thing they could possibly be introduced to and we'll see what they like. If they want to become a singer, I'll def support that, although I'll tell them every negative thing to talk them out of it, because it's a hard, hard world."

Excited to see Lance become a dad, Instincters?


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Good for them! Although I'd like to clarify that an adopted child IS a "kid of your own." Whether intended or not, language like that makes adopted kids seem like a lesser option and charity case. 

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