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Lance Bass Shares Mom's Emotional Speech To Church Following His Coming Out

It sounds like *NSync member Lance Bass's mom, Diane, is quite a gem! 

In a piece published on The Huffington Post today, Lance opens up about coming out to his Christian parents, but more importantly he shares how his mother ultimately chose to handle the revelation and the "miracle" that occurred with regards to her church. 

Lance explains:

Now, my parents aren't very outspoken and shy away from any type of attention. For years they have quietly educated themselves about their son and the LGBT community like responsible adults. My mom read the Bible four times in a row and bought every book written about Christianity and the subject of homosexuality. When she saw things were not getting any easier at her church regarding this issue, she decided to go against her passive character and let her community know exactly how they were making her feel.

Diane ultimately penned an open letter to her church, which was so well received that she was asked to speak to the congregation of a neighboring church in order to start the dialogue around homosexuality.

Here's an excerpt from Diane's speech; you can read it in full at HuffPo:

Seven years ago, we found out that Lance is gay. We were totally blindsided and devastated because never in a million years would we have guessed it. Also, because it was such a public thing, the situation was so much worse on the family. I do not want to go into the personal details of that revelation, but I will tell you that the first thing I did was fall to my knees and ask, "What would Jesus do?" I almost immediately knew the answer... love my son. And that is what I have done. Never once did I ever think about turning my back on him. Never once was I ashamed or embarrassed. My feelings were more of sadness and just sheer disappointment in life.

If you believe that being gay is a choice, then the rest of what I say will not matter. I do not know why, but even as a staunch Christian, I personally never believed that being gay was a choice. I never knew a lot of gay people, but the ones I did meet I felt compassion for because I could feel their pain of being rejected and my heart always went out to them. Even though I never did believe Lance chose to be gay, I did not accept it as quickly as my husband did. His attitude was "It is what it is." My attitude was "Yes, it is what it is but my God can perform miracles so I'm going to beg for a miracle to zap Lance and change him to straight!" And I did just that. I continued to love my son, stand beside him, and defend him, but for several years I continued to pray relentlessly for a miracle.

Well, Lance is still gay. However, I did get a miracle. It is just not the miracle I prayed for. You are looking at the miracle tonight. The miracle is that I learned to have unconditional love and compassion for my son and others in the gay community. I haven't marched in parades or spoken at conventions, but I do feel that God has led me to speak out concerning the church's role. My son is a Christian and wants to be able to worship, but he does not feel that the church cares about him and has pretty much disowned him as a fellow believer. There is something terribly wrong with that and I have to speak up on behalf of my son and others who find themselves in the same situation. When I was a little girl, I went to a celebration with my grandparents on the courthouse lawn in Laurel. I was thirsty and ran to drink some water from one of the water fountains. My grandmother screamed at me to stop. When I looked at the fountain it had the word "Colored" on it and she told me I had to drink out of another one. I was only 6 years old but I knew something was just not right about that. Just as my heart told me something was wrong that day on the courthouse lawn, my heart is telling me that something is wrong with the way the church treats those who are gay.

Wise words (be sure to check out the rest!). What do you think of Diane Bass's miracle, Instincters?


I'm sure Mother Nature feels the same love for her LGBT children.

What a loving mother.  Thank you for not removing Lance from your life.  

God bless her. I'm sure it took a lot of courage to stand in front of people she knew would belittle her for accepting her son. If more people would speak the truth as eloquently as she, it would help to be a better world.

God bless her. I'm sure it took a lot of courage to stand in front of people she knew would belittle her for accepting her son. If more people would speak the truth as eloquently as she, it would help to be a better world.

this is a very interesting revelation..God bless her.

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