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Lance Bass Unveils New Blue Hairdo!

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Lance Bass revealed that he wins an award for patriotism after he debuted an entirely new (and blue) look while in Vegas. He documented the transformation on Instagram:

What do you think of Lance's new look, Instincters? 



I like it. Why not try fun colors? He doesn't have a job that requires business professional attire. If I was a celeb or someone not tied down by my jobs regulations on appearance I would go farther in being myself. Besides, people get so bent out of shape over is JUST grows back and you get to start all over or select another style you wish to do. He is lucky he still has hair to work with....I know a lot of men who wish they still had hair or the body in their hair to do the styles they wish they could try.

Have to agree with the majority of comments.  I love Lance and what he has done in bringing gay out of the closet.  Poor Tween's who loved him until they learned he was gay.  That being said, if I hadn't seen that it was done in a salon I would have thought he did it himself.  That is no where near the Blue from the American Flag. Needs a lot more color.  Looks Aqua or teal, way too light to be thought of as Patriotic.  Some hair dresser needs some color lessons.  Hope he didn't tip.  Looks terrible on him, sorry Lance.

he just got lucky because he was in a band with JT. Other than that, he is a talentless, bird looking jack hole... he sucks and he knows it

i bet he couldn't sustain a real music career on his own

Why is everyone so negative?

I agree with Jason!

Get a clue and a gym membership, pal.

minus the blue - it looks the same

He looked so much better without it

Isn't that color Katy Perry blue?

Why not!

I would add in layers of differnet shades of Blue to make it look cool - I like it.

Love Lance.....but hate that color. Please pick a different one.

He looks like he's ready to join the population of The Capitol and watch the Hungary Games!

More turquoise, but surprisingly suits him.

Hi think it's very cool !! :)


Makes him look like an even bigger douche.

i like hiz hair but i like hiz bf even more...

Who cares 

He's such an idiot... 

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