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Landon Donovan's Funny Note To LA Galaxy Players Includes Robbie Rogers' Boyfriend

While it may seem like a minor thing, Los Angeles Galaxy player (and LGBT ally) Landon Donovan's hilarious act of inclusion gives us a preview of what we hope we'll see in locker rooms around the country as more and more gay athletes come out in professional sports. 

Check out the note Donovan left to his Galaxy teammates, including openly gay player Robbie Rogers:

The note reads, "Saturday after the game, mandatory night out...players only (no wives, gfs, bfs, side pieces)"

No sidepieces allowed!!

The note didn't go unnoticed by Robbie, who's dating television producer Greg Berlanti and tweeted:

Thanks for including me @landondonovan @GBerlanti

— Robbie Rogers (@robbierogers) February 28, 2014


See inclusion doesn't have to be that hard. (And it can be funny too!)


(H/T: OutSports)


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