Larry The Cable Guy's Views On Gays In America Might Surprise You...

...especially because his act has been criticized by many over the years as dangerously homophobic. 

Larry the Cable Guy, a character created by Daniel Whitney and who relies mostly upon exaggerated fart jokes and jabs at homosexuality and mental handicaps, is saying something that doesn't fuel the flames of homophobia in this country, for once. 

While speaking with Larry King, Whitney has contrasted years of anti-gay stand-up material with a ringing endorsement for LGBT athletes in sports. 

“It ain’t affecting my life at all," he tells Larry King. "I don’t know when we turned into a nation of 3-year-old babies. Everything offends everybody.”

"People [are] bitching about stuff, because they got it too good in this country," the comedian adds. "Live your life and leave other people alone. Enjoy your life. Enjoy being an American. It’s a great country why you gotta complain about everything.”