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Last Ditch Attempt By Prop. 8 Supporters To Stop CA Same-Sex Marriages Fails


Proponents of Prop. 8 filed an emergency motion on Saturday asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the weddings that began occurring on Friday in California.

Well, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy ain't got time for that and has put a swift end to that nonsense.

SCOTUSblog writes:

Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy turned down at midday Sunday a request to stop same-sex marriages from occurring in California. Without comment, and without seeking views from the other side, Kennedy rejected a challenge to action by the Ninth Circuit Court on Friday implementing a federal judge’s ruling allowing such marriages. The plea had been made on Saturday by the sponsors of California’s “Proposition 8,” a voter-approved measure that permitted marriage only between a man and a woman.


Since Justice Kennedy offered no explanation for denying an application claiming that the Ninth Circuit panel had no authority to lift its stay, there is no way to know what legal rationale he had used. It could have been that the sponsors of the measure lacked a legal right to pursue their challenge further, that even if they had such a right it was without legal merit, that the lower court did have the authority to decide for itself when to life the stay, or perhaps that events had just moved too rapidly in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that it would be inappropriate to try to roll them back.


Alright, Prop. H8ters, you've lost. Go home. Take a depression nap. It's over. 

Gays? As you were. 


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It's over in California, thank God, but it's not completely over until the fat lady (Maggie G) sings.

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