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Latin American Celebs Pose As Gay Couples For New Anti-Homophobia Campaign

This is a really interesting campaign that's garnering a lot of attention in Latin America. We wonder if it would translate effectively here in the U.S.??

A new billboard campaign that's launched in Peru showcases straight celebs posing with other straight celebs--but as gay couples.

The intent behind the "Imaginary Couples" campaign is to shine a light on homophobia. Providing people with a familiar face can be an effective way to do that. 

Each billboard contains the tag line, "Love is not a crime."

High profile Latin American celebs taking part in the "Imaginary Couples" campaign include politician Kenji Fujimori, footballer Miguel Rebosio, comedian Jorge Benavides, boxer Juan Zegarra, entertainer Carlos Galdós, actor Jason Day, boxer Jonathan Maicelo and actor Lucho Caceres.

What do you think of this campaign, Instincters? 

Can you think of any A-Listers here in the U.S. that would participate in something similar?


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genial ,,,,me encanta ,,,,,aunque tardemos en parar la homofovia hay que intentarlo cada dia ,,, de a un grano de arena se hace una playa-

When I saw the award winning movie __Undertow__ and realized it was made in Peru,.  I had to start looking at that So. American country with it's tortured political history somewhat more hopefully~~~~

Brad Pitt with Chris Pine, George Clooney with John start

This is a remake of Olivier Ciappa's "Les couples imaginaires" done in France, with participation of high profile celebs such as Eva Longoria, Lara Fabian and Yael Naim, plus many other French celebs. Good to see Peru is taking that as a model for fighting against homophobia :D

Good to see Peru doing its homework in order to be a fair country to ALL its citizens :D

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