LaToya Jackson Returns w/ New Single/Music Video, "Feels Like Love"

Get ready, Instincters, and tell all those other pop divas to guard their wigs because LaToya Jackson has dropped her latest single, "Feels Like Love!"

Listen and watch her new music video!

"Feels Like Love" is LaToya's first single since 2009 and she tells The Huffington Post:

“It feels good to be back in the music industry after so many years with a new dance single and video!”

Welcome back, diva!! 


 ​(H/T: Homorazzi)


The Hallucination of the week 

it sucks......wah wah lmao

That was hideous 

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She sings like a cow !!! Disgusting from an old bitch

What a truly sad & pathetic life you must have, hater.  

Don't bother mentioning Janet, she retired 2 years ago and won't be back

She's making an album right now

Good on ya Latoya it's been ages I say hands up Miss Jackson xo

She tries to be Janet and just... Basically... FAILS... MISERABLY. Her voice doesn;t sound right for this type of beat. It sounds like a bad afterschool special, and the Auto Tune, geee, that didn't help.

Imagine what this would sound like without auto tune

God no.

This is what we get instead of new janet music? Come back to us janet.. please


Ok first off congrats for the attempt of your return to music, never knew you use to sing before lol. Second, if you want to sing, sing without the digital help, it distorts your voice so it really doesn't sound anything like you.  Thirdly and finally, you're looking too much like a knock off of Janet and Michael.  Be original, be yourself.......oh ya lay off the botox and botch facelifts.......cheers

So basically you want her to show how untalented and unoriginal she really is. 


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