Laverne Cox Responds To Supreme Court Decision Not To Hear Grimm Case

Laverne Cox is speaking out on the Supreme Court's decision not to hear Gavin Grimm's transgender bathroom case.

In an excerpt from a powerful op-ed piece Cox wrote for In Style, she writes:

The Supreme Court's decision on Monday to send Gavin's case back to the lower courts, while disappointing, is an opportunity to further highlight the humanity of trans youth. Let this be a wake-up call to all Americans that trans people and trans youth are under attack in this country and that we must all stand with trans folks. It is just time for the appeals court date to weigh in. As we have this fight, this debate, we must continue to elevate the voices and lived experiences of actual trans people. Trans people cannot be left out of conversations about our own dignity and humanity.

Read Laverne's full op-ed here. 


(H/T: Boy Culture)