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Lawyer Sues Politicians For Flying Pride Flag. Says Homosexuality Is A Religion, Flag Represents Homosexual Denomination.

Let us get this correct.  A person is suing four democratic congressional members because they have chosen to display a rainbow flag outside of their offices. The reasoning?  he believes the Pride flag is a religious symbol.

Lawyer Chris Sevier, known to be opposed to same-sex marriage, is arguing that homosexuality is a religion and the flag is a religious symbol, therefore having no right to be flown in the halls of our federal government buildings representing the homosexual denomination.

But Davis said her flag is not being taken down and the legal action only further validates her reason for having the flag on display in the first place. 

Susan A. Davis, a nine-term representative of California and one of the four being sued said that “The response we've gotten is overwhelmingly positive."

Others being sued are Rep Alan Lowenthal of California, Donald S. Beyer Jr. of Virginia and Earl Blumenauer of Oregon.

This is not the only soap box Sevier is standing on.  He feels sodomy should be re-banned along with same-sex marriages shouldn't be allowed to occur.

Would this be so bad?

Imagine going to gay bars, resorts, saunas, bath houses, camp grounds, and even going on big ol' gay cruises and being able to write everything off as tax free donations to a religion and our places of worship.  We should think about this a little more.