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Lea Michele's Down To Play A Lesbian On 'Looking'

Glee's Lea Michele has never been coy about how much she loves her former Spring Awakening and Glee co-star and BFF Jonathan Groff--and apparently she's targeting a guest spot on his series, Looking

Michele spoke with Pride Source's Chris Azzopardi about getting onto the show and what role she'd be up for playing. It looks like Lea has no problem playing for our team!

From Pride Source

Chris Azzopardi:  Jonathan said he wants to get you on his HBO show "Looking." Would you be up for it?

Lea Michele: Oh my god! First of all, I went to San Francisco when they were filming the show and I ate dinner with all the guys and with Andrew (Haigh), their director, and before anything I said to them, "You guys, let's get me on the show," and then I watched the entire series because Jonathan gave me all the episodes.

Right - he said you watched it with your mother.

Well, first I watched them with Jonathan when we went on vacation and then I watched them with my mom. And she's so obsessed, it's crazy! Once I saw the entire series, I emailed Andrew Haigh and I was like, "Look, I loved it before, but I love it even more now. You gotta get me on the show. I'll do anything. Anything you want me to play, even if I'm in the background, I'll do it."

Can we get you on there as a lesbian?

One-hundred percent!

What kind of lesbian would you be?

I mean, I just wanna get to work with Jonathan. I love Jon. I feel like everything that we've gotten to do together, whether it was "Spring Awakening" or working on "Glee" together, I just love working with him. Every time we get to play different characters together it's so fun, so I'll do anything that they want.

Would you be excited to see Lea on Looking, Instincters?