Leaked Document Sheds Light On Mormon Church's Cure For Homosexuality

Photo: Latter Days (YouTube)

It's no secret that the Mormon church has a less than positive attitude toward homosexuality and the LGBT community.

And thanks to a a newly leaked document, we've now gained some insight into how the church deals with gay parishioners. 

Shared by MormonLeaks, minutes from the 2014 Utah Layton Priesthood Leadership Conference record the alleged words of Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve.

When asked, “How do you help a young man or young woman who comes in and says ’I think I’m gay’?” Perry reportedly responded:

“Give them association with manly things.

 “Strong men that represent the ideal of relationships, a man who is vigorous and knows the power he holds.” 

And if a same-sex couple were discovered showing “inappropriate affection” during a church service?

To that, Perry allegedly said:

“I would invite them to come into my office right after and let them know they were out of line. I would let them know that repentance is possible… [But] adultery is still adultery. Fornication is still fornication. We should continually warn those living in sin that they are jeopardizing their eternal salvation.” 

“This evil will divide our nation in half. You know they will never stop. They move one inch at a time until they have forced upon all. Unfortunately the Supreme Court is listening to the voice of the people through the administration that is currently in place.” 

Previously, we shared with you a post about a church leader, who explains why there are no LGBT persons in the Mormon faith.

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This group of Mormons need to crawl back under that rock where Joseph Smith evidently found the Book of Mormon. If they insist on living in the 18th Century, they are doing nothing to help people in the 21st, especially when their statements and actions are unfounded.

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