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LeAnn Rimes & Her Ex-Husband Bring The Gays Into Their Latest Battle

Uh oh. LeAnn Rimes feud with her ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, continues and this time they're bringing the gays into it! 

It started out innocently enough.

A charming Twitter user tweeted LeAnn saying: 

“Remember the good old days when @leannrimes was just a chubby country bumpkin married to a gay dude?”

The tweet was accompanied by this photo: (Oof.)

Now sure, LeAnn probably should have ignored the Twitter troll, like ya do, but instead she responded, tweeting:

“hahahaha I’m gonna choose to laugh at this.”

Wrong move apparently because her ex-hubby Dean Sheremet caught wind of it, and he tweeted LeAnn: 

“Laugh away-Who’s the bully now? I don’t do twitter wars, but I do hate ignorance. Being gay isn’t offensive, not standing up for the truth is. @NOH8Campaign @leannrimes.”

Oh dear. Bringing NOH8 into it!

LeAnn wasn't having it and she immediately tweeted back at her ex, saying:

“Dear lord. I was laughing at myself.”

She went on clarifying that Sheremet is “not gay and there’s nothing wrong it. I have always & will always support the community.”

For the record, LeAnn has performed with the Los Angeles Gay Men's Chorus and has previously expressed her support for the LGBT community. 

What's your take on the latest blow-up in this on-going feud between the exes, Instincters?


Image Source (H/T: Gossip Cop)



This is too mild for us gays.  Gives us something we can sink our proverbial teeth into.  

oy, vey. We gays could be engulfed in total boredom and still get a hickey!

He hit on me once several years ago when they were going through their divorce.

I agree this is stupid

When I lived in Nashville, they would both frequent the gay bars. She was/is a great supporter of the community, but I agree with the previous statement, her husband was an uber douce and there were always rumors of the "parties" at the house when LeeLee was out of town.

I had the pleasure (being sarcastic here) of meeting Dean and Leann at a work related music video taping. Gay or not Dean is a douch.  And as a gay guy myself my gaydar was going off the charts when I met Dean.  But back to why I think he's a douch...  I accidentally called him "Drew" rather than "Dean" when we were introduced...  (sidenote: Drew was the name of one of her managers at the time)...  Obviously an honest mistake...  But when I called him "Drew" he went into a serious Don't you know who I am tissy. He proceeded to say that my mistake was "fatal"!!!  And that he could make it so that I would never get a job in Hollywood again. That's right folks... Because I called him Drew rather than Dean. I got the names mixed up. He's a douch. AND a self hating in the closet gay.  

I think there's nothing to it at all and it's being blown out of proportion by celebrity commentators such as this site.

Obviously it was hacked by eddie cibrian!!!

I guess Leann just can't win.  Maybe she should just stop with all social media.

Why does anyone care?

Apparently you cared enough to click on this article....that's what drives these articles being written.

Dumb twitterers taking things out of context 

LOL... Role with the punches LOL 

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