Lee From Steps Will Get "Butt Naked" If New Album Hits Number One

British pop music fans have an extra incentive to get out there and buy the new album from 90's pop group Steps. The group's comeback effort is currently selling more than Ed Sheeran's latest and could top Sheeran on the charts. If it does, it sounds like Steps member Lee is prepared to get naked!

From Metro UK:

Speaking exclusively to Metro.co.uk, H dropped Lee right in it after we asked what they’d do if they hit that top spot.

H said: ‘Lee is going to be stripping, live. Streaming it! Lee will get butt naked if we get to number one. He’ll do it. Have you seen his body? If I had a body like that I’d be doing it.’

Lee was not quite so keen, but he definitely didn’t say no: ‘But let’s not put it on the internet! Let’s get the number one first.’

H added:  ‘Lee is body ready, don’t you worry!’

Faye hinted Lee might not be alone: ‘H will strip,’ she said.

Lee's previously stripped down for Attitude and we certainly like what we saw!

Buy! Buy! Buy!


(H/T: Pop Crush)