Lenny Kravitz's Bulge Takes Center Stage In "Sex" Single Cover Art

Lenny Kravitz just served up the artwork for his single, "Sex" and, well, yeah....

Lenny tweeted the cover art with the caption: "Sex--coming soon."

Whatever your mission was you've accomplished it, Lenny. 

Many times over. 

Is it warm in here?? 


(H/T: Love B Scott)


I want that hose!

Thats not his bulge its.just the way the leather pants r the folds they make my jeans do it to

My leather pants do the same thing, and honey that aint no bulge, its a bulge in the brainstorm for instinct to sell mags.



who says its REALLY his"bulge" Could b a stand in. Could b the light.

Is David Beckham's a stand in lol?

I see leather for a cd cover, and no need to be racist.

Stfu! Your boyfriend must be black, racist!

Gotta love Lenny

worthless nigger

He can't be worthless! I'm downloading his Sex

Stupid racist.

Somebody is obviously fantasizing... I see a crotch shot with a light reflection on shiny leather pants giving the illusion of a "bulge". There is no obvious bulge story here. I hate liars!

Why is it a fantasy if it's a black guy? But real when it's a white guy!

That's your analogy, not  mine.

It's discrete for a bulge. 

His mother would be so proud of him.

Hose monsters & size queens be like...

Homophobic fag hag still trying to turn gay men straight?

Don't sit there like that and act like u wouldn't hop on that... I know I would! It's Lenny's crotch!! I'm sure that's the idea of the image, not to mention that this album is probably gonna be HOTT!!

my sentimets exactly????what bulge? He is hot but please dont make a story when one is not there

You're racist! You gay white guys always see bulges on other white guys. But not on other men

Crotch shot, yes. Bulge...uh, no.

Jealous because you and your boyfriends are teeny weeny dick bottoms. Not real men like Lenny

troll much there? u might want to learn the def of racism .

What bulge?

Put on your glasses!

Oh please. It's not all that much

It's all that much and more lol!

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