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Lesbian Police Chief Gets Job Back After Mayor Fires Her For Being Gay

​Crystal Moore, the lesbian police chief of Latta, South Carolina who was fired by the town's mayor for being gay, has finally gotten her job back! 

But it wasn't without a rollercoaster of drama!

Moore had been fired by newly elected Mayor Earl Bullard after 23 years of service with the mayor asserting that he'd given the police chief seven reprimands for questioning authority, failing to maintain order, and other reasons. Moore denied the mayor's accusations.

Bullard's motivation for firing her was called into question when an audio recording was leaked of Bullard launching a homophobic tirade in which he said he'd prefer to leave his child with a raging alcoholic than with someone whose "lifestyle is questionable."

The people of Latta, a 1,400 person conservative town, rallied to Moore's defense, protesting publicly and ultimately voting in a referendum to restructure the town's governing structure. The vote changed the structure from "mayor strong" to "council strong," basically stripping Mayor Bullard of his powers. The council then planned to reinstate Moore to her post after the referendum votes were certified.

But not so fast! 

Mayor Bullard apparently had one last trick up his sleeve. On Wednesday he hired a new police chief, arguing "The town has to continue. The town has to go on, we can't dwell on what happened in the past. The only thing that we can do is try to move forward," he said. "And in that, the way to move forward is to put someone in place permanently."

But the council wasn't having that! According to The Huffington Post:

Things changed again on Friday night, though, as the council determined Bullard had broken local laws by unilaterally hiring a police chief without their consent. They declared his hire invalid and immediately reinstated Moore.


Moore has officially been reinstated as police chief, though she says she still can't believe that someone would try to "snatch away" her career because she's gay. 

"My life was my life. I was open, but it was still private. I was doing a job," she said in a Friday interview on MSNBC, noting she only recently learned it's still legal in 29 states to fire someone for being gay.

"I hope the outcome of this is better for not only me but everywhere all over our nation ... that we can hopefully be treated fairly and equally," Moore said.

We're glad this story had a happy ending--though it'll be even happier once Mayor Bullard is out of office! 


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What a gross, useless dike!

We have a TON of them here in law enforcement and they wanna bee men SOOO BAD with that fake, John Wayne swagger and butch routine.

She deserves to lose her job for being such a FREAK!


How did he get elected anyway. If there is some sort of repremand besides making the town council strong this is the time to use it. Sounds like someone needs to replace him instead. Im tired of conservatives using any mean possible to discriminate. Again though we are talking about a conservative area of the country.

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