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Lesbian Responds To Neighbor's Rude Comment In A Letter

Have A Gay Day on Facebook posted this letter from a lesbian to her neighbor and we had to share. The woman posted the letter after she heard a neighbor refer to her as "a lesbian" while she was doing laundry:

The letter reads:

Dear whoever just walked by the laundry room and whispered, ‘she’s a lesbian.’ What gave it away? My lack of bra, my no make-up, my black truck, my boots? OR was it the painful fact that I bring more girls home than you?


Your lesbian neighbor.

P.S. Very observant.

Is it bad that we read this letter with a little cynicism? We're still reeling from the whole Dayna Morales controversy, so maybe we're a little gun shy?

In any case--we're going to go on faith that the awesomeness conveyed in this letter is legit! 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


just turn around next time or walk to the door and say: yes im gay, is there a problem with that?

all in a verry calm voice.

Seriously. Maybe this girl had a bad day at work or bad break up because she's bringing home all these women. Who knows? Obviously the neighbor whispered so that the comment was discretely made. I mean it wasn't written on the "Lesbian's" front door in Home Depot Orange. Now maybe that's a bit more offensive. My advice to this girl is Own It. It's you. Don't cry and get your feelings hurt because some stated, very simply, stated a known fact about you that obviously are not trying to hide. We are in a pivitol place right now as a community and finally teaching tolerance to the masses. This sort if thing just slights a cause that we all have worked hard to attain. Now we as a community will have jokes written about us on late night TV and America will laugh. And next time something newsworthy happens in our community there will be a lot of people that will remember your story from Leno Or Letterman and chuckle because of you and not pay any attention to the newsworthy. I and the rest of our community thanks you.

I agree with Esteban.  If someone were to whisper about me, "She's sure fat" it would be true.  I might be feeling sensitive that day and feel bad about the comment, I AM fat.  Period.

Well some said she's a lesbian ... What?? So isn't she? Of course she is then why bothered? If someone says I'm gay and hear it I would turn and smile I mean they r not lying   

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