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LGBT Activist's Home in Michigan Destroyed by Arson

On August 10th of this year, Nikki Joly, the director of the Jackson Pride Center in Michigan, and his partner Chris Moore, suffered major losses when their house went up in flames.  To make matters worse, they lost two German Shepherds and three cats in the blaze.  Friends of the couple say that this was started by homophobic bigots who were fighting against the progress that was being made in the city of Jackson for the LGBTQ community. Turns out, those friends were right.

Lab tests have now confirmed that gasoline was used in a fire that ruined Chris & Nikki's home.  As sad as this situation has been, it's good to see that there are kindhearted people in this world who come from out of left field to help.  Case in point?  Mike & Molly star Rondi Reed, who submitted a very emotional video for their crowdfunding page. 

That page (which can be seen here and here), has a goal of $20,000 to raise for Nikki and his family in this tragic time of need.  They have raised over $3,000 so far, which is great, but still have a long road to go as one of our champions (he helped organize Jackson's first ever pride march back in July) needs our help.  Especially on a day like today.