LGBT Murder Rate Soars To Highest Level In 20 Years

It's been one year since the horrific massacre that claimed the lives of 49 innocent men and women, at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

And things aren't yet getting better...

According to a new report from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, the number of LGBT+ people murdered rose to a record 20 year high.

More from NBC News:

Excluding Pulse victims, 28 Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender were killed in 2016, which was up 17 percent from 24 killed the previous year, according to the annual report. The number of killings last year was the highest since 2012, when 25 LGBT people were killed. 

Including Pulse victims, murders of LGBT people rose 217 percent in 2016. Not all of those killed in the nightclub attack were LGBT. 

"The enormous tragedy at Pulse Nightclub, in concert with the daily violence and discrimination that pervades our lives as LGBTQ people ... have created a perfect storm of fear and trauma for our communities this year,” Melissa Brown at the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project, a member of the coalition, said in a statement.

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I wonder what that might be if it included the data regarding murders and crimes against LGBTQ people that go unreported . . . .

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