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LGBT Organization Sending Pro-Gay Coloring Books To Russian Kids In Defiance Of Country's Homophobic Law

FCKH8 is certainly living up to its infamous name this month. 

To give a big middle finger to Russia's anti-gay "propaganda" law, FCKH8 will mail 10,000 coloring books featuring pro-LGBT storylines and images to the country's children. 

"So Russia Made It Illegal for Pro-Gay Words to be Spoken?" a release from the group reads. "That Law is About to Be Broken."


I think 10.000 might not be enough, but I guess the number isn't important at all. What they are pushing for is the publicity this is gonna get. Publicity gets people talking. And hopefully in the process it will educate some people along the way. GOOD FOR YOUFCKH8

I don't know about this one... won't the receipt of these materials put unsuspecting parents under the Russian legal microscope for having the "gay propaganda" near children and do nothing to further FCK8's cause? I Like FCK8 (calendars especially)  and totally disagree with the Russian law, but this is not the way to go about opposing it. Try again FCK8. All this does is potentially get parents arrested and charged under the new laws (if anyone reports it), and does nothing to stop Vladmir and his backward domestic policies.

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