LGBT Workers In Tech Earn Less Than Straight Men

Are LGBT workers in tech making less than their straight male counterparts? A new study says yes.

From Yahoo! Finance

According to a study out this week from the San Francisco-based tech recruiting firm Hired, heterosexual men outearn all others, followed by LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) men, non- LGBTQ women, and finally, LGBTQ women, respectively. 

The pay gap isn’t huge, but it is significant. Heterosexual men in tech, for example, earn an average salary of $120,412, while LGBTQ men typically earn nearly $3,000 less. Women, unfortunately, earn even less than that, with non-LGBTQ women making $7,879 less and LGBTQ women earning $10,901 less than heterosexual men in tech.

We'd certainly say it's significant. 

Explaining its findings Hired offers (via Yahoo!):

Hired based its findings on data drawn from a mix of 120,000 job offers from 8,000 participating companies in the past 12 months, as well as an optional, self-reported demographics survey offered to Hired’s 1 million-plus job seekers. (The tech recruiting firm declined to specify exactly how many job seekers identified as LGBTQ.)

“Just like race and gender, biases against individuals who identify as LGBTQ still exist in the workplace today,” explained Jessica Kirkpatrick, a data scientist at Hired and author of Hired’s 2017 wage inequality report. “When you combine LGBTQ bias, gender bias and any other bias, there is a compounding effect. That’s why women who identify as LGBTQ are ultimately paid less than other cohorts. We see that salary expectations follow the same trend, which is likely a result of candidates basing their salary requests off of what they are currently being paid, rather than what the market value is for their years of experience and skillset. This approach just perpetuates the wage gap.”

Thoughts on this wage gap??


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