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LGBTQ Couples Stuck As Australia Won't Allow Divorce For Gay Couples

With overwhelming support, Australia is poised to make marriage equality the law of the land. A recent UN ruling, may help ensure the vote happens.

Due to Australia not recognizing gay marriage, they also do not allow people to get divorced either. Many LGBTQ Australians have married abroad, but have not been able to get divorced back home. Also, due to different laws it isn't always feasible to return to the country they married for a divorce. Canada, for example, requires the couple to live their for at least a year to file for divorce.

The UN has ruled that this law violates human rights, arguing that there wasn't a convincing enough argument from the state. Australia has 180 days to review the decision passed by the UN. 

Many people rejoiced at the ruling saying that it will help seal the deal in marriage equality. 

We are standing with our brothers and sisters in Australia, hoping a vote in favor of marriage equality comes quickly for them.

H/T: Buzzfeed