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Life Expectancy Of Some Groups Living With HIV Now Exceeds National Average

Here's an interesting reveal from AIDS Map:

A study from the US has found that some groups of people with HIV, especially those treated before their CD4 count falls below 350 cells/mm3, now have life expectancies equal to or even higher than the US general population.

However, it also finds that life expectancy for some other groups – most notably women and non-white people – is still considerably below comparable members of the general population and that for people who inject drugs, life expectancy in the era of antiretroviral therapy (ART) has not improved at all.

It's extremely promising to read that HIV treatment is now allowing individuals with HIV to lead lives equal (in terms of lifespan) to the general U.S. population, but the disparity between these groups that are successfully controlling the virus and these "other groups"--specifically women and racial minorities--is still a huge cause for concern. 

It's also clear that early treatment is key.

What's your take on the study's finding, Instincters?


(H/T: Joe.My.God.)


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You know what they call herbal medicine that works?  Medicine.

Spam irritates me, but this preys on scared, sick people.  It's evil to scam the ill.

from where is dr. lawcy? and how much does it cost you?

diagnosed last year when I was 20, and even then the doctor said I was projected to live into my 80s based on similar case studies, been undetectable for 4 months and cd4+ recently came back as 700. So grateful to medcine these days!

I'm now 20 years into this aspect of my life. My lowest t-cell count has been 100 with a VL in excess of 3 million. Currently my t-cell is 935 and undetectable. All that good and I still scare the hell out of people.

When I was first diagnosed HIV-positive in April 1990, my CD-4 count was 225 or thereabouts and I was immediately prescribed AZT - basically all we had at the time to fight this scourge. Five years later, I had dropped to 70 CD-4 cells and that led to me quitting working permanently. This past September, my CD-4 reached it's highest level ever in the 26 years since I converted to being HIV-positive - 654 t-helper cells! My viral load is undetectable, has been for over ten years and while I 'have a handle' on the HIV, I now have osteoarthritis and gout in one ankle, as well as the 'normal' aches and pains of any 62-year-old man. I have outlived three partners who had CD-4 counts comparable to my own, so I attribute my continued survival to good old Pennsylvania Dutch genetics and heeding my various physicians' instructions, following my drug regimen assiduously and making those absolutely necessary life changes in order to still be here. No idiotic drug holidays, no cigarettes (although I had already quit smoking them in 1973, but still enjoy weed to this day), total elimination of alcohol from my life, eating more healthfully and above all else, listening to my body when it speaks to me. I get plenty of rest, sleep an average of eight hours each night, and take care of myself with some well-needed and well-deserved pampering now and then too. My case isn't typical, but it can be an example to others who might find themselves becoming infected even in this age of knowing the causes of HIV, how to prevent contracting it and the ready availability of protection. Why someone is foolhardy enough to allow themselves to contract HIV thirty-plus years into the epidemic still makes me scratch my head, but I'm no one to judge another's actions. So, take your meds as prescribed, listen to your doctors and your own body and make some changes to support a healthier lifestyle and perhaps you can write a testament akin to mine one day in the very distant future too. Play nicely with each other fellows and gals, use condoms (they won't kill the sex buzz, I promise and have the advantage of keeping you a bit on the healthy side too), and maybe we can compare notes on your own survival someday too! Be well and be safe, but most of all, be good to yourself!

I think it's great. I just wish I was given the meds before my CD4 count dropped below 350. But it is amazing to know that with the meds I'll live a long, healthy life. Maybe one day we'll find a cure.

Brilliant news let's hope research can help the minority

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